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GreatLand Laser - Rescue Laser Who Needs A Rescue Laser ?

Manufacturer Spotlight

Who needs a Rescue Laser Product?
Locate a man overboard in the dark. Find mooring balls and fishing gear. Signal other boats and aircraft in search and rescue emergencies. Find cabins, trail markers, vehicles and other riders in the dark. Signal for help for distances up to ten miles or better.

From scanning a trail for markers to signaling your companions, finding where you placed that hidden supply of food or equipment, or simply signaling for assistance. The Rescue Laser Light™ and Rescue Laser Flare™ are, ounce for ounce, your best bet for safety and identification.Signal for help, warn oncoming boats of your presence or locate your gear at night.

The waterproof design of the Rescue Laser Products make it a practicle survival tool for kayakers.Campers can identify their trails to and from camp using reflective tape and a laser, while others will chose to mark tents, boats, and other equipment for quick identification against the surrounding terrain.

Put reflective materials on the kids and know that you'll be able to "see" them when conventional lighting won't. Against the backdrop of granite, climbers have often been difficult to locate. Using a Rescue Laser Light™ or Rescue Laser Flare™, climbers using reflective materials will be able to locate each other. Reflective fibers woven into lines will render those lines much more visible under laser light.

Knowing where your partner is in a burning building may mean the difference between life and death. Laser light penetrates smoke and haze better than conventional lights and will help you find the reflective clothing on another fireman. Additionally, our patented systems are available in a stand alone model, the Rescue Laser Flare™, and in the Rescue Laser Light™ which attaches easily to your AA size Mini MagLite. Two sizes, both with the unmistakable characteristic of being able to provide a sheet of laser light to guide your way out, and home.

Because it generates no heat, is portable and completely safe to use in flammable environments, it is the one light you need when your life may depend on it. With the incorporation of reflective materials in everything we wear, from hats to shoes, and in the accessories we take with us, it makes sense to have a Rescue Laser Flare™ or Rescue Laser Light™. Anything you can use to make your detection process better you should include in your gear.

Imagine, seeing the ¾ inch square "N" on a pair of New Balance shoes at over ½ mile in the dark. We call that remarkable! Laser light will open up new possibilities for search operations and allow you to continue searching when darkness limited your search before.

Mark K-P's, equipment, trails, search areas, signal air crews and other searchers. The possibilities are endless.Imagine losing a child in the wilderness, at the beach, or any other open terrain at night. By having them wear retro reflective clothing items you will be able to scan the terrain and pick them up better than using the naked eye alone. Training children to find an open space and "show their face" will give search and rescue crews a greater opportunity to find them as well. And if those crews have a Greatland Laser product, their chances of finding them will be increased as well.

For signaling the gang to head back to camp, to locating camps and kids, nothing works like a Greatland Laser.

How They Work
Help is in the distance
Line up your target
While aiming, slowly move the laser back and forth. At 16 miles you have a 6,000 foot fan of light to hit your target.
Why regular laser pointers don't work
With a common laser pointer you would have to hit your target directly in the eye for this to work. The Rescue Laser Pointer produces a fan of light 6,000 foot at 16 miles. Note: This line of light would not be visible. The target would only see a brilliant flash only when the fan crosses their line of vision.
When the fan of light crosses the target, they will see a brilliant flash. By slowly moving the laser back and forth the target will see a red strobing flash.

Greatland Laser
4001 West International Airport Road, #2
Anchorage, AK 99502
Telephone: 907-245-4475
Toll-free: 1-866-889-3425
Fax: 907-245-4599


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