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Liquid Lure - The ultimate guaranteed fish attractant formula

Manufacturer Spotlight

It has always been the quest of anglers to be able to get a fish to bite a lure or bait when the fish (for what ever reason) just do not feel like biting. MrBinary's Liquid Lure was developed based on many generations of 'no-fish' 'skunked' fishing experiences. My Pop, Uncles, Cousins, and friends were like mad scientists always trying to develop methods of unlocking the dreaded "LOCKJAW".

As a young tot Great Lakes fishermen (usually playing with the bait), I observed all the tactics of my elder anglers. As I grew older and my fishing obsessions grew as strong as my elders I found myself using and refining the same tactics used by them. I think it was a gene thing.

To the surprise of many of my skeptical fishing partners (who regularly got 'skunked') they seen that a little 'extra enticement' can be the difference between getting 'skunked' or going home with a basket of fish. I 'limited out' on countless occasions during my time on the Great Lakes. Catfish, Perch, Walleye, Crappie, Pike, Bass, Carp. We had developed tactics for each.

After moving to Texas in 1985 (to escape the snow and cold) my first fishing pursuit was the infamous southern 'Large Mouth Black Bass'. There were many trophy Bass lakes in my immediate area. 'Lake Fork' being my favorite. Upon arrival to these trophy bass lakes I found that the fishing and tournament pressures had made it very difficult to get even a single bite in an entire day. I was getting skunked! I wasn't in Kansas any more. The Bass were educated they had seen it all.

On many occasions I viewed bass following my lure all the way to the boat and never attempt a strike. They were interested, but just not sure this was the 'real thing'. This is when I decided all they needed was a little extra enticement. Maybe a little scent or attractant might help trigger 'the strike'. I tried things like WD40 (which works believe it or not) and many other 'commercial attractants' available to the general public.. Had confidence with some and no confidence with others. One thing I discovered with 'commercial attractants' was that as they got older they quickly lost there effectiveness.

Getting attractants fresh and keeping them fresh seemed to be the key. Looking at how much dust had collected on the bottles on the shelves at my favorite store made me loose confidence that what I was getting would be fresh. And, we all know that when it comes to fishing 'confidence is the key' RIGHT!. Who knows how old that stuff was.

To ensure my attractants were fresh I decided to make my own. Trying several formulas I found one that worked from the start. I have been using this formula with live and artificial bait for over 10 years.

It works! (for all fish, fresh and saltwater). Because of it's basic biochemical structure it is attractive to all living things. As is salt. Even my dogs love it. And, it's good for them.

As with the commercial attractants I found that over time (a couple months) even my own formula spoiled and lost effectiveness. So I mixed and carried a fresh batch on every trip. This is the key to using attractants. They must be fresh. Some can actually turn to varnish with age. Decomposition of attractants can be accelerated in extreme heat and sunlight. What was formulated to attract fish could end up repelling fish.

MrBinary's Liquid Lure is formulated with all natural ingredients that is safe for humans, environment, and fish. Used in conjunction with proper presentations for conditions MrBinary's Liquid Lure' will increase your fish catch. (Guaranteed)!

Only one or two drops is needed on either live or artificial bait. Re-apply after each 10 or so casts. As with all attractants if you 'over do it' you can actually repel the fish. It's the difference between smelling the soup (Mmmmmm) and having your head submersed in it (Yukkkk). Using MrBinary's Liquid Lure along with your normal baits on trot lines will produce unbelievable results. Catfish love it!

MrBinary's Liquid Lure is mixed fresh when orders are received and shipped promptly. MrBinary's Liquid Lure is guaranteed fresh! Each Bottle is expiration dated to remind you to replace it after 3 or 4 months. Attractants should be replaced sooner if stored in harsh conditions. Keep attractants cool and out of the sun and heat for longer life.

Try 'Liquid Lure' and if for any reason you are not satisfied return it within 30 days for a full refund of your initial purchase price. No hard feelings! Happy fishing!

Please be sure to check back with this site frequently. I will be adding many enhancements like, a 'Tips and Tactics' message board where we anglers may share fishing experiences (world wide). A photo gallery where we can show off our Trophy catches. And finally we will sponsor 'Virtual' fishing tournaments.

MrBinary Liquid Lure
The Colony, TX 75056
[email protected]


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