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Casio Introduces 'CASIO SPORT' - Wearable Digital Sports Gear for Sports Enthusiasts

Press Release

DOVER, N.J., Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Casio, Inc., in conjunction with its parent company, Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today a new line-up designed with the sports enthusiast in mind, CASIO SPORT. CASIO SPORT, available in July 2004, represents the latest in wearable digital sports gear to help athletic enthusiasts worldwide achieve their dreams.

The watches will be on display at The Super Show in Orlando, FL at Casio's Booth # 13614S. Since Casio introduced its first sports watch in 1986, it has been popular among top-runners worldwide due to its innovative technologies such as lap and split timing, as well as a record function, helping them achieve their best.

Casio has released a variety of sports watches for different sports fields using Casio's original digital technology, receiving wide-spread, high acclaim from sports enthusiasts.

Casio, leveraging its advanced digital technology and product planning capabilities, is developing sports gear that breaks the bounds of ordinary sports watches. CASIO SPORT will be released in four fields: Arena, Town, Mountain, and Sea, with features and functions to support athletic activities in these settings. CASIO believes that enthusiasts should not be forced or bound by tradition, and is developing new wearable digital sports gear to meet the different needs of various sports enthusiasts, delivering watch-shaped gear as well as revolutionary new ideas such as a new headphone-shaped pulse rate monitor. The new CASIO SPORT lineup will be available in sports specialists and major sports chains starting from July.

For those track & field athletes that compete on speed, Casio is developing a series of wearable sports gear watches that has basic functions like lap and split timing, as well as advanced functions such as auto-start and target time. In a world where hundredths of a second matter, there is no room for error, and Casio is incorporating design features such as error prevention button guards into the watch case to ensure accuracy.

For fitness, jogging, and walking enthusiasts, Casio is developing wearable sports gear to help them get the most out of the sporting experience. Using both more wearable sports gear watches, as well as the newly designed headphone-shape gear, Casio is incorporating such cutting-edge features as pulse monitor sensors, readouts on caloric consumption and amount of fat burned, as well as basic functions such as lap and split timing. The new lineup is useful not only for everyday health care, but also in helping achieve training goals.

For mountain climbing, trekking, and camping enthusiasts, Casio is developing a series of wearable sports gear watches that help enjoy the great outdoors. With directional, temperature, and air pressure sensors, a large, easy-to-read LCD display and large easy-to-operate buttons, the lineup is the ideal choice for alpinists.

For fishing, diving, and yachting enthusiasts, CASIO is developing a series of wearable sports gear watches to help enjoy the experience on the water. With directional, temperature, and pressure sensors, as well as information functions such as tide and moon data graphs, the lineup is the perfect choice for enthusiasts wanting to enjoy marine leisure sports.

Casio will continue to develop new wearable sports gear ideas that take advantage of digital technology to help sports enthusiasts in all sports fields achieve their best in skill, ability, and health.

The CASIO SPORT logo is designed to communicate the functionality and innovative nature of the products through a simple yet modern design, incorporating the "C" from Casio to help consumers better recognize the legacy involved in the products.

Since 1957, Casio Computer Company, Ltd., based on the philosophy of creativity and contribution, has been supplying revolutionary products based on original ideas and advanced technology that contribute to society through improving the lives of people. "If it is not original, it's not a Casio" is our way of thinking, and that tradition continues in the new CASIO SPORT lineup, as well as with all our other products including calculators and watches, digital cameras, mobile phones.

Casio, Inc., Dover, N.J., is the U.S. subsidiary of Casio Computer, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan. Casio, Inc. markets calculators, business organizers, mobile presentation devices, keyboards, digital cameras, portable color TVs, timepieces (Wrist Technology), cash registers and other consumer electronic products. For more information, visit


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