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Free Deer Hunting Game 5-Tracking Trophies Taking Web By Storm

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A free deer hunting game by the name of Deer Hunter 5- Tracking Trophies is all the rage on the net right now so, I decided to investigate it to see what the fuss is about. The game is produced by Sunstorm Interactive, out of Indianapolis, IN. In 1997 Sunstorm was the first to produce a hunting video game by the name of Deer Hunter. It quickly became a top selling title and as they say the rest is history. Sunstorm has made a niche for itself by producing a variety of hunting and fishing video games.

Sunstorm is currently in the process of introducing Deer Hunter 5-Tracking Trophies. Like many software manufacturers they offer free demos of their product to be downloaded to give the potential buyer a taste of what the game has to offer. This not only allows the consumer to test drive the software, but also gives the producer the opportunity to discover any bugs in the program before they begin selling it to the public. This is a win for us.

Downloading The Free Version:
I downloaded the game directly off of Sunstormís Site You can find it under downloads at the top of the page. Be warned that because of the popularity of this product a simple search on the net of Deer Hunter 5 will produce hundreds of thousands of results. Many of the places claiming to have a free copy of the program didnít and were just trying to get you to their website. I recommend doing as I did and downloading it directly off the manufacturerís site Sunstorm. It took about three minutes to download off my cable modem which really isnít long at all. Installation is very easy and does most all of the work for you.

How To:
Playing the game is simple and since this is the demo version there arenít a lot of directions needed. The first time you play the game it asks you to the name the hunter youíll be using and to select his gear of choice. You are then shown a map of the area and asked to click on the location you would like to hunt. A click, or two later and you find yourself hunting. Remember this is the free download version of Deer Hunter Tracking Trophies so itís not going to have the high quality graphics, options and features of the game itself. Itís provided to give you a good idea of what the game is like in hopes youíll buy it.

The Game:
I expected to play the game for the first time and have deer running everywhere, but that wasnít the case. This feels like the real thing! You may go five minutes in Tracking Trophies time without seeing a thing. Thereís a clock in the bottom left corner that shows the time of the days passing which in the game setting passes quickly. During one game last night I even got that ďIím running out of time feelingĒ you get while hunting and look down at your watch to see itís late afternoon when I looked at the game time to see it was 3:00 pm. Making the hunt all the more meaningful is when shooting hours are up the game is over. Thereís a lot of hunting skill needed here. The game allows you to pick where you want to hunt, along with when to use your grunt calls and even shows you the wind direction. Iím sure the full version of the game offers many more features and options. Upon seeing my first Mule Deer in the horizon I was so pumped I quickly squeezed one off without taking careful aim in the scope. In some games the deer would have gone down, but not in Deer Hunter 5. Off the Muley went never to be seen again. The demo version is incredibly realistic to the point of leaving a blood trail to track a buck that ran 100 yards before falling.

Final Thoughts:
Iím hooked on this game and will be buying the full version. When I decided to play it for the first time I figured Iíd jump on to play a quick game and ended up looking at the clock two hours later and still wanting to play some more. One of the best things about Deer Hunter Five is they didnít design it to have a deer behind every tree, that wouldnít be half the excitement of when you actually spot one coming towards you. Deer Hunter 5 Tracking Trophies is a great way to spend a cold January evening between fishing and hunting season. Give it a try; Iím sure youíll like it just as much as I did. Once again the game can be downloaded off of under the download category.
Good Luck.


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