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Fishing Trip Vacation To Alaska-Canada Checklist

HFG Editor

Fishing Trip Checklist-Letís face it, itís not everyday most of us can afford to fly to Alaska, or Canada to spend a few days fishing. A well planned fishing trip can provide years of memories, a poorly planned trip can provide years of nightmares. As I plan for an excursion of my own Iíve put together some doís and donít, along with general guidelines to follow. At the end you will find a list of questions to ask, and be answered.

Planning Your Fishing Trip
The first step when planning a fishing vacation is to decide what type of fishing trip you are looking for. Are you fishing for trophies, or is it numbers youíre after. Do you want to rough it, or are you looking for full accommodations? Do you want a full time guide with you, or are you looking to do it yourself. What about seclusion would you rather be miles away from the nearest Angler, or would you enjoy the camaraderie of others. Who will be providing your fishing equipment, or do you choose to bring your own fishing gear. As you can see thereís a variety of questions to be answered before you make your reservation for your fishing trip vacation.

Guide Selection
Hiring the ďRightĒ fishing guide is a crucial part of your fishing trip to Alaska, or Canada. Your guide will play a crucial part of your fishing success or failure. The first step in choosing a guide is to have a prepared list of questions for him as I provide below. There are many questions that will need to be answered before you put a deposit down on your trip.
The best method for choosing a guide is to receive a reference off a friend, or acquaintance that has used the guide in the past. If you donít know anyone who is familiar with the fishing trip guide service ask them for a couple of recent clients who may be willing to give a reference. You may also want to check into any memberships your potential fishing guide associations, or business chambers of commerce. Whatís the Fishing Guideís experience and what will the guide provide are two very crucial questions? Will the fishing trip guide service provide one on one instruction for catching the species of your choice, or will he merely be pointing the fishing hole out to you?

Accommodations For Your Fishing Trip
Hereís a question you have to ask yourself. Would you be happier sleeping on the floor of a tent, or are you looking to spend your nights in a cabin. What about running water, or perhaps youíre looking to rough it. Many fishing trip vacation services offer a number of plans, from truly roughing in camps where the nearest running water is several miles away, to luxury fishing vacations to accommodate business men and their clients. Once again this has to be decided before making the first phone call, and can only be decided by you. Will meals be provided and if so how many day? It sounds like a simple question, but too often these are expenses people donít budget for, but add up in a hurry.

If youíre not taking your own fishing equipment with you itís vital you know what type of equipment your fishing guide service will be providing. Will the guide be providing full tackle, or will you receive just the basics. If youíre going to be boating what type of craft will be provided? I remember back to a friendís description of the aircraft his fishing guide service chartered to fly them out to an outlying lake. Although he may have embellished a bit he described the plane as something out of World War II with parts that appeared ready to come off at any moment. His prayer filled flight didnít add to his enjoyment of the fishing trip, especially knowing he would have to take the same plane back out when his fishing trip ended. What about bait and lures will that be provided, or is that up for you to purchase? A weeks worth of bait and lures can make a nice dent in your budget, especially if it wasnít budgeted to begin with.

The information is above is just some of the basic questions that need to be asked before reserving a fishing trip. There are literally dozens of others you should ask. Below Iíve attempted to list as many questions as I can to serve as a general checklist for the information youíll need to know.

Checklist for preparing for a fishing trip vacation to Canada and Alaska.
Does the guide provide references?
What is the background of the guide?
How is the initial deposit submitted and is it refundable?
What is the rate per day for the fishing trip? What all does the rate per day charge cover?
What doesn't the rate per day cover?
When is the balance due?
What will the total cost be per angler?
Should the angler expect any extra charges above and beyond?
What forms of payment are accepted?
When will the fishing trip start and finish?
What accommodations are provided?
What should the Anglers bring with them?
Will some or all meals be provided?
Will family members be able to contact me in case of emergency, if so how?
What type of medical treatment facilities are nearby?
What type of weather conditions can be expected?
What type of equipment is provided i.e. Rods/Reels tackle etc.?
What licenses/special permits are needed? Is the guide service insured?
What species will you fish for in order to allow you to read up on them?
How Far is the nearest town?
Will the guide be fishing along side you?
Will the guide be providing fishing instruction?
What amount of fishing time is granted per day on the fishing trip?
What type and age of air, or water craft will be used?
What type of physical exertion should be expected?
What type of pre-trip advice do they usually offer their clients?
What other groups will be in the area?
How will caught fish be processed?
What options are provided for transporting your fish back with you?
Under what circumstances a refund would be offered?
What festivities if any are available at night?
How many fish should an Angler catch for them to consider the fishing trip a success?
How will valuables be secured while we are away from our accommodations?

Hopefully Iíve covered a lot of the basic questions that need to be asked before you go on your fishing trip vacation. Iím sure there are many other questions that can and should be asked, especially dealing with your specific situation. Many guide services will provide this type of information upfront in either an information packet, or via their website however make sure not to assume anything.

By asking questions upfront and knowing the answers you wonít be faced by any surprises that potentially could put a damper on your much deserved fishing trip.
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