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Lamiglas Offers World’s Largest Selection of Salmon and Steelhead Rods

Press Release

Woodland, WA USA. With the introduction of 28 new models, Lamiglas has become the undisputed leader in salmon and steelhead rod offerings, with a total of 114 rods in the category. “Salmon and steelhead anglers are a cornerstone of our business,” says John Posey, National Sales Manager, John Posey, “Those anglers who realize that the ability to choose the perfect tool for their water type, fish size, technique and budget will make the angling experience both more enjoyable and successful. We want to service these anglers at the very highest level.” The 28 new rods are spread throughout the Lamiglas salmon and steelhead rod families.

Ti2000 Titanium
With the renewed growth of spinning reels and rods in salmon and steelhead angling, Lamiglas has added two new spin models to the super-premium Ti2000 series. The TBS 86 H, at 8’6” and rated for 12-25lb. line, will excel fishing large spinners, spoons, drift fishing and fishing floats, while providing all the power necessary for tackling large salmon on spinning tackle. The TBS 96 MT, at 9’6” and rated for 8-17lb. line, is the longest rod in the Ti2000 line, perfect where casting distance and line control are demanded. The TBS 96 MT will excel as a steelhead and small salmon rod.

Esprit Concept
Capturing the incredible strength of the Esprit Concept line is a new 8’6” magnum taper casting rod. Rated for 8-17lb. line the EC 86 MTC will highlight all the strengths of the Esprit Concept series: sensitivity, power and control, thanks to an exceptional combination of Lamiglas XMG50 graphite and Fuji Concept Guide System. The EC 86 MTC was built to be the finest drift fishing rod ever at less than $300 and better than rods costing hundreds more.

Certified Pro
A good sign that salmon and steelhead angling is going to consume an anglers life is when he purchases his first Certified Pro. Incredibly light, small-diameter blanks, Fuji Alconite Guide System, exposed–blank reel seats, nothing but the best. For 2004, six new spinning models, four new casting models and one new centre pin rod will bring the awesome performance of Lamiglas Certified Pro rods to more fisheries and techniques than ever before. Highlights include three 8’ one-piece rods in salmon and steelhead power, along with two 9’6” steelhead rods and a new 10’ steelhead spin rod.

Certified Pro Fiberglass
As ocean salmon seasons have increased and so has the demand for Certified Pro Fiberglass rods. With incomparable actions for mooching and downrigger applications, this series has grown by one member for 2004. The new XCF 106 5F, at 10’6” and rated for 12-25lb. line, features a Canadian style mooching handle is the most powerful rod in the series. Ready to challenge the largest chinook, the XCF 106 5F will be at home throughout the Pacific Coast.

For years the G1000 series has defined the crossroad of value and performance in American-made salmon and steelhead rods. For 2004, Lamiglas continues to raise the bar. Along with nine new models that include a 7’9” Tillamook Spinner Rod, a 9’one-piece Kenai series rod and a 9’ Herring rod, the G1000 series have also been graced with a hand-polished, natural graphite finish. The new finish creates a lighter finished rod with noticeably faster action for a G1000 series that is better than ever.

Rogue River Special
With two new introductions for 2004 the Rogue River Specials move strongly into the casting market. The RR86 HC, at 8’6” and rated for 12-30lb. line, will match up perfectly against spring and fall chinook. Its moderate/fast action is forgiving enough to allow a salmon ample time to get a solid hold of a bait prior to hitting the heavy butt section of the rod. The new RR 90 MC is an exceptional 9’ casting rod for larger rivers where extra casting distance and line control pays dividends. Rated for 8-12lb. line the RR 90 MC is designed for steelhead, along with silver, sockeye and pink salmon.

Norwest Special
Representing the ultimate value in an authentic, American-made salmon and steelhead rod, the Norwest Special series has become a beloved member of the community. For 2004 Lamiglas introduces the N379 BS, a one-piece, 7’9’ spinning rod rated for 10-20 lb line. An excellent performer for large steelhead and salmon, the spinning configuration is an acknowledgement of the resurgence of spinning reels and rods in salmon and steelhead applications.

New to the G200 Series is the MBS 86H. At 8’6” and rated for 12-25lb. line, this spinning rod answers the demand for more power in spinning rod applications. Extremely capable, the MBS 86H will throw large spinners and spoons while its moderate fast action will also jig and drift fish.


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