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Bass Fishing - Larew Tube Worm Is Two Favorites In One

Press Release

Take the number one bass catching soft plastic bait of all time – the worm – and cross it with the top soft plastic fish catcher of recent years – the tube – and you get the new Gene Larew® Tube Worm. The Tube Worm looks like a traditional ribbed worm, but it’s hollow like a tube and has a tube’s skirted tail. That means you get the best qualities of both baits. There’s the slender, baitfish-like profile of a worm, combined with the action and high flotation of a tube.

In fact, the Tube Worm offers so much flotation it will float a 4/0 hook with no problem at all. The Tube Worm will assume a vertical position when at rest, with its tail riding high and alive.

The Tube Worm comes in two sizes. The 4TW is 4 inches in length; the 6TW is 6 inches. Both versions are available in a long list of the hottest bass catching colors, ranging from longtime favorites such as Junebug to all of the popular newest colors including Ultimate Green.

The standard package for the 4 inch size is a 10-count ziplock bag retailing for around $3.75. The 6 inch size comes in an 8 count bag selling for about $3.75. Both versions feature Larew’s famous salt impregnation, plus garlic scenting.

Gene Larew Fishing Tips: Fish the 6 inch Tube Worm like a jerkbait by rigging it weedless with a 5/0 offset worm hook and no weight. Use a twitch and pause retrieve while watching the line, as well as “feeling” for bass strikes. Or fish it the more conventional worm style by Texas-rigging the bait. But don’t peg the sinker or use a jighead as both will restrict the bait from “standing up” when at rest.

The 4 inch Tube Worm is a dynamite split shot or Carolina Rig bait. You, and the bass, will be amazed at just how realistic looking this bait moves through the water. Nothing works on a bed like a Texas-rigged 4 inch Tube Worm.

About Gene Larew

The name Gene Larew® is one of the oldest and most respected brands of soft plastic baits in the fishing tackle industry. The man for which the company was named, Gene Larew, was an avid fisherman and resort owner from Missouri who died before he got to see his baits rise to fame. Mr. Larew experimented with all kinds of additives from sugar to Coca-Cola before finally settling on the fact that salt made a discernible difference on how bass reacted to baits. He patented the salt impregnation process in 1980. Today the name is recognized throughout all fishing circles as being the originator of the salt impregnation process, made famous by the Gene Larew Salt Craw.

Gene Larew Tackle Inc. is located in Owasso, Okla., where it has a state of the art manufacturing facility unmatched by any others in the soft plastics industry. The unique technology and equipment comes from two of the company’s three partners - Terry Ingle and Ray Witten.

Ingle and Witten are engineers by trade and owners of an oilfield equipment business, Mingo Manufacturing. Although Mingo Manufacturing makes pump products for the oilfield industry, not for fishing, it's a technology that has resulted in state of the art injection molding equipment for the bait company.

The third partner in Gene Larew is George Toalson, a long-time area educator and a skilled angler. Toalson has been involved in the fishing industry for nearly three decades, both as a tournament angler and promoter. As the company’s president, Toalson runs the day-to-day operations of Gene Larew.

The three men purchased the tackle company in 1998. Their respective skills, knowledge and areas of expertise complement one another.

Today’s Gene Larew takes great pride in the quality of the product that comes out of its plant. You can see it in the consistency of both the plastic and the colors, meaning anglers can expect repurchases of their favorite Larew baits to be just like the ones they’ve already had good experiences with. That isn’t the case with many other brands of soft plastic baits in today’s market.

The original Larew Salt Craw is still a favorite of fishermen everywhere, but some of the more recent introductions are getting a lot of attention as of late. The Larew "Hoodaddy" is already a proven money-winner along all the bass tournament trails. An even more recent introduction, the "Tube Worm," is one of the country’s hottest-selling new soft plastic baits. Now a full line of floating baits is the talk of the industry – floating finesse craws, floating lizards, floating tubes and more.

The company also makes and markets its own brand of the new generation of super soft plastics – called L’astik – that comes with a new level of strength and incredible stretching properties. L’astik worms, lizards, trailers and minnows are fast earning a reputation of their own. And Larew is the only maker of the new super soft plastics that is capable of manufacturing and offering injection-molded two-color baits. Others in the business are having to glue their two colors together.

But today’s Larew isn’t just about bass baits.

For proof, ask any crappie angler about the "Crappie Spider," coastal anglers about "Saltwater Minnows," and trout anglers about "Salt Eggs." You'll find out that Gene Larew salt impregnated lures simply have a reputation for catching fish – all kinds, all places.

Today, with solid financial backing and industry leading manufacturing capabilities. Gene Larew Tackle is positioned as a different player in the soft plastic business than the one from days gone by.

Gene Larew has great plans for the future that capitalize on its expertise in injection-molded additives and enhancers. Watch for coming news that will make Larew baits the CRAVE of every fish and angler.

Manufacturing – Quality 100% Guaranteed!

Larew soft-plastics are made in America with pride. Our state of the art manufacturing facility is located in Owasso, Okla., just a short drive from Tulsa. Our location close to some of the finest fishing in the country means our products get "fish-tested" before they ever hit the market. You’re just as likely to find some of our staff on the water as you are at one of the country’s sport shows. That’s important to us … being able to talk about what we make, and standing behind the quality of our products.

In fact, should you ever be dissatisfied with a Larew purchase, simply pack it up, send it back to us with a note and we’ll replace it with a comparable item or refund the purchase price from your original receipt.

Our products

Gene Larew baits are designed to catch fish. All kinds. All sizes.

Our design engineers are always thinking about and working on new products. That’s the lifeblood of the artificial bait business. But because our baits are designed to catch fish without gimmicks, most of our baits enjoy a long and productive life. Our Salt Craw is a great example. It has been around for over 20 years, and is still considered one of the fish-catchingest artificial crawfish baits on the market. It’s a real favorite whether fished Texas-style or on a jig.


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