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Taurus - 454 Casull Raging Bull Goes Boar Hunting

Press Release

Four Russian Boars in Four Shots from the Mighty Taurus Raging Bull Each Gold Medal boar was felled with one shot from the Taurus Raging Bull double action revolver using Winchester's new Partition Gold 260-grain bullets in a 454 Casull cartridge.

Carrying only 454 Casull Raging Bull handguns to protect them from some of the world's largest and nastiest Russian boars, Taurus Executive VP Bob Morrison and three guests put his company's new double action revolver to the test and came away big winners.

Think of it. Four hunters on foot - no dogs, no backup guns, just lots of adrenaline - killing in excess of 1700 pounds of wild Russian boar with only four shots! That's great shooting from good guns and good ammo, pardner. If you think it ain't a thrill, you ain't tried it!

The hunting party's guides had heard about the power of the five-shot Raging Bull in 454 Casull, but they were not happy about leaving the dogs and back- up rifles at the bunkhouse. Experience with handgun hunters had already warned them that bringing down one of the huge boars requires between five and nine rounds of .44 Magnum. But after one encounter with the Taurus "Bull Gun," these guides are convinced the double-action revolver is gun enough to handle the meanest boar.

Dick Metcalf will tell all about his experience in a coming issue of Shooting Times, but here are a few details to tantalize you until then. The boar was charging, and Metcalf responded with some of the coolest shooting under pressure seen in a long time. He dropped the monster less than 20 yards away, using a Tasco scope, by standing his ground and firing a mighty shoulder shot that spun the boar around and dropped it in its tracks!

"It was a one-shot kill, " Taurus's Morrison explains, "and the guides tell us other handgun hunters empty their .44 Magnums while the pigs keep on coming! That Winchester bullet through the Raging Bull is definitely a terminal load."

Each of the hunters had similar success. Four-for-four dropped their pigs with one 260 grain bullet that was lethal. With a suggested retail price of $750, Taurus provides good value and the only double action revolver in the market capable of handling the world's most powerful handgun caliber. Taurus recommends only factory rounds loaded to SAAMI specifications in its 454 Casull Raging Bull.

Two of the hunters had guns outfitted with Taurus' scope mounts, the others bagged their beasts using just the revolver's iron sights. The Taurus mounts handle Weaver style rings and come in stainless or blue steel to match the 6-1/2" or 8-3/8" barrel offered on the Raging Bull. The mounting hardware works with the vented ribs on the Taurus to prevent any scope movement from recoil. Mounts are stocked by Taurus dealers, or can be ordered factory-direct from Taurus Customer Service at (305) 624-1115.

Recoil and muzzle climb are lessened considerably by the Bull Gun's standard barrel porting and compensation, which makes it considerably easier to re-acquire a target after the initial blast - when that's necessary. The revolver's distinctive red-striped back strap is a cushioned material which adds to the shooter's comfort when lighting off those monstrous 454 Casull cartridges.

Skip Jeanerett, a Taurus Sales Rep, felled a 400 pound pig with tusks measuring over 22 inches, among the world's largest Russian boar taken with a handgun. Once the Safari Club International's reporting process is complete, it looks like he'll hold the overall 16th place in the record books for that animal.

AcuSport's Dick Deardorff took the heaviest Russian boar, weighing 540 pounds with tusks big enough to rate 17th largest. The SCI record is determined by overall tooth length and girth, not the body weight of the animal. Metcalf's trophy, at 325 pounds, looks to be big enough to win him a spot among the top 100 in the world.

Morrison was the last to go, and spent the majority of one day seeking his elusive "Hog from Hell." He bagged it on the run, while it raced uphill and away, striking it from 57 meters with the combination of Taurus Raging Bull, C-More red dot sight, and Winchester Partition Gold. The running boar literally dropped to a dead stop in less than two long paces. Morrison's big guy weighed about 450 pounds, but had a chipped tusk that will keep it from the record books. Bob's smiling nonetheless, because he's already selected a cherished place on the trophy wall for this boar with its extraordinarily long head and prime bristles.

Reasonable rates and hair raising thrills will make you want to ride this adrenaline roller coaster. These guys have already reserved their date to do it again. So, where can you put your Taurus Bull Gun to the test? Glad you asked. The Fraley Ranch, 16300 County Road 7250 Newburg, MO 65550-8814 is where the action took place. Call (573) 364-3017 and ask for Tom Fraley, or his lovely wife Barb. They provide heavenly food and accommodations, and demon boar as big as any you'll see this side of Hades.

Who knows? With the Taurus Raging Bull and Winchester's great Partition Gold ammunition, you might set your own world record. Call, though, or miss the experience of your life.


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