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If you can wait a mere five seconds, Coleman can deliver hot water. That’s right . . . five seconds. Not minutes.

Five seconds is about all it takes for Coleman’s new Hot Water on Demand™ Portable Water Heater to convert cold water to 100-degree water for washing hands, cleaning utensils, taking a shower or performing other campsite chores.

Hot water anytime, anywhere. That’s its job. Besides being fast, it is convenient and simple – thanks to a compact, self-contained unit that weighs just 22 pounds. If you want 160-degree hot water for making cocoa, or a cup of soup or instant coffee, then you’ll only need to wait another handful of seconds. That’s it. Just hold the knob on the hottest setting and steaming hot water will flow from the built-in, full-size faucet.

“Campers and other outdoor enthusiasts have wanted better options for their hot water needs,” says Julie Schillings, Coleman product manager. “Conventional means of heating water in pots or pans over a stove or campfire simply don’t provide the convenience, the speed and versatility that the new Hot Water on Demand Portable Water Heater does.

“It is a meaningful product solution that allows campers more time to do the fun things with their family or friends. That’s what’s important to them,” Schillings added.

Operation is a snap. Simply connect the integrated hose and pump to a 5-gallon water carrier, select the desired temperature with the control knob, and the unit dispenses hot water in a matter of seconds. The unit comes with a 5-gallon collapsible water carrier but can be hooked to a garden hose with an optional adapter. It is fueled by a standard, 16.4-ounce disposable propane cylinder, which will heat 40 gallons of water, more than enough for an average weekend family camping trip.

The water heater has three settings: Cool, which simply pumps and dispenses water without heating it; Warm, which heats water to 50 degrees Fahrenheit above the starting or ambient water temperature; and Hot, which heats water to 100 degrees above starting temperatures to a maximum of 160 degrees. It operates with an easy-to-understand single control knob, which ignites the burner automatically, turns the unit and pump on and off, and regulates the water temperature.

Integrated safety features include automatic shut-offs when water temperatures exceed 160 degrees or the unit tips over, plus a protective housing that does not get hot to the touch. Additionally, the unit requires a user to manually hold the knob to select and dispense the hottest water option so that it is not selected inadvertently.

Water flows from the kitchen-sink-style faucet, which swings into place from its storage port in the molded carry-handle, at a rate of 1 gallon per minute on the cool and warm settings. On the hot setting, flow is restricted to a quart per minute.

A 6-volt, rechargeable battery supplies power to the pump and other electrical components. The water heater can be recharged from either a vehicle’s 12-volt power supply or a standard household outlet via a plug-in port located on the unit’s front panel. Indicator lights on the front panel show when the battery is low, when recharging is complete and when water temperature has reached its maximum temperature. A fully charged battery has a 40-minute run time, which is equivalent to heating about 40 gallons of water, the same amount heated by one propane cylinder.

The water heater is efficient, evenly and instantly transferring heat from its powerful 30,000 Btu burner to water flowing through copper heating coils in the heat exchanger.

The Coleman Hot Water On Demand Portable Water Heater will be available at retailers nationwide in fall 2003. Suggested retail price is $180.

Available optional accessories include: Spray Adapter for use as a hot shower. It easily attaches to the faucet, has a large handle with molded grip, and 48-inch hose for convenience and versatility. Suggested retail price is $10. Water Hose Adapter to connect standard garden hose to unit for continuous water supply. Adapter reduces inlet water pressure to 4 psi before it enters unit. (Garden hose not included.) Suggested retail price is $20. Carry Bag with padded interior and water-resistant exterior is designed to store and make transport of the unit and its accessories even easier. Adjustable shoulder strap and carry handles, plus two outside pockets for fuel cylinders and another compartment for the collapsible water container add to the convenience of this product. It can be used in an inverted position to provide weather protection to the water heater in camp. Suggested retail price is $30.

Bulk Propane Tank Adapter and 5-foot Hose allow the unit to be converted and connected to a 20-pound bulk propane tank for longer, continuous usage. Suggested retail price is $20. For more information and to view a demonstration video, go to

The Coleman Company, Inc., manufactures and distributes products for camping, backpacking, tailgating, backyard grilling and other outdoor leisure-time activities. Specialty brands include Coleman BackHome and Coleman Exponent. Widely available in the United States, Canada and more than 100 countries worldwide, Coleman products can be found at outdoor retailers, sporting goods stores, mass merchants, hardware home centers, food and drug stores, and online retailers.

Also available from the company is the Coleman Outernet – a convenient new resource for outdoor travel and activity planning. The site, accessible at, provides information on camping spots, scenic drives and other outdoor experiences – as well as mapping and reservation capability – within a visitor-specified geographic region of the United States.

Enjoying its second century of operation, Coleman is based in Wichita, Kan., and is a subsidiary of American Household, Inc. For more information, consumers can go to or they can contact Coleman at 800-835-3278, [email protected] or P.O. Box 2931, Wichita, KS 67201.


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