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Kicker Fish Bait Co.- Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

Bass Fishing-Kicker Fish Bait Co.

The versatility of the Original Texas Weedless Wacky Wormฎ allows you to utilize its effectiveness throughout the water column from top to bottom with many different techniques listed below. *HOOK INFO*: Texas Rig with your favorite wide gap hook. . We have had great success with Owner,and X-POINT brand hooks which are strong and sharp out of the pack. The model# for the OWNER 1/0 is 5140-111 J HOOK.#5140-121 for 2/0 J HOOK.and #5137-121 for2/0 rig n hook.X-POINT #X25Z 3/0, 2/0,1/0 are great strong hooks that fit both sizes of worms.

Wacky-Style – Some call this the "do-nothing" technique because there is nothing to it. Simply cast and let fall over and around cover using a twitch-fall rhythm. This technique will amaze you in how productive it can be in many different situations.

Carolina Rig – This technique has become a "way of life" on our home Reservoirs of Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend. Extremely effective for covering water quickly and efficiently in various depths with many different styles of baits. The Original Texas Weedless Wacky Worm ไ gives you great action, vibration, slow fall rate and weedless presentation. To Rig – slide weight on main line followed by a glass or plastic bead. Tie main line to one end of barrel swivel, followed by 12 inches – 6 foot of leader. Tie hook and rig bait. Tips: Most leader lengths used with this technique are between 2 and 4 feet depending on the type of cover and depth you are fishing. Shorter leaders such as 12 inches can be effective when bass are more bottom-oriented, but still want the subtle presentation that Caroling-rigging gives. The same is true with longer leaders to 6 feet when the bass are suspended in cover or timber.

Texas Rig – Back home we call this technique “old reliable”. The Texas-rig effectively covers the bottom water column of various depths, cover and structure. Add your favorite bullet weight from 1/8 oz. to 1 oz. to the line in front of the hook transforming this wacky worm into a cover-busting, bottom-searching weapon to add to your arsenal! Tips: Light weights from 1/8 oz. to 3/8 oz. work best when fished around light cover or when a slow-fall presentation is needed. ฝ oz. to 1 oz. are used to penetrate thick, heavy cover, or when a fast-fall presentation is needed.

Split Shot – This technique is primarily used to get the bait down to the desired depth zone quicker and to cover water more efficiently while utilizing the bait wacky-style. Effective over mid-depth structure and cover. Simply attach split shot 6 inches to 2 feet above hook on line.
Tips: Let bait fall until you feel the cover, grass, brush, etc. Slow-roll bait as you would a spinner bait, keeping contact with cover while adding a few pause/twitches in between. Swimming the bait produces maximum vibration and action of legs.

TopWater – The Magnum size is extremely effective when used as a topwater anytime you have pads, moss, scum, hydrilla mats and shallow lay-downs. Cast bait on top of cover and work it just as you would a frog or rat topwater. The buoyancy combined with frog-like leg action and vibration are irresistible to bass lurking underneath and produces explosive strikes.
Tips: When fishing around matted pads, moss, scum, hydrilla, etc., use heavy line, medium to heavy action rod to get those big ones out. Fish as you would a topwater frog or rat.

Advantages of the Kicker Fish Bait Co. Original Texas Weedless Wacky Worm
• Revolutionary design; made to rig "weedless".
• Eliminates need of weed-guard, giving you 100% weedless presentation.
• Allows you to fish the bait in the heaviest cover possible.
• Works in hydrilla, moss, pads, lay-downs, standing timber, rocks and buck-brush.
• Allows for longer casts in wind with fewer backlashes.
• Eliminates slinging-off of bait, as is the case with traditional wacky worms.
• Both sizes (Magnum and Finesse) were designed to allow for rattle insertion to give the extra advantage that no other wacky worm can provide.
• Wide range of colors available.
• Has an unbelievably subtle, yet deadly slow twitch action that bass simply cannot resist!
• Available in many proven Bass-catching colors.
• Can be pegged with a weight and fished on the bottom.
• Can be "Carolina-rigged" for a deadly new approach. You can Wacky-it, Peg-it, Swim-it, or use it as a jig trailer. Or use as "frog-like" top water bait across lily pads, lay-downs and grass beds.


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