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GPS - New Waterproof Lowrance iFINDER® H20 Handheld GPS+WAAS

GPS _ Press Release

Lowrance Electronics, Inc. The leader in recreational sonar and GPS innovations since 1957, has expanded its popular iFINDER® handheld GPS series for 2004 with the introduction of the new iFINDER H20 designed for anglers, boaters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Totally waterproof, the rugged new Lowrance iFINDER H20 delivers enhancements in display, performance, and compatibility with higher-detail mapping options...including Navionics® electronic charts...for precision navigation even in the harshest environments on land or water.

At $259 suggested retail, the iFINDER H20 offers a new direction in remarkable handheld GPS performance at an affordable price.

Along with sporty styling and a sure-grip rubber welt seal, the new H20 features higher-detail 240Vx180H pixel resolution in an ample, 3” diagonal, sunlight-readable Film SuperTwist LCD display. Advanced white LED screen backlighting greatly enhances display definition during night or low light operation. The H20 is also equipped with dual processors for higher-speed screen updates and map display scrolling.

Touting the Lowrance innovation of a waterproof slot for digital media memory cards (MMC/SD), the H20 runs optional Navionics Classic, Gold, and HotMaps™ electronics charts, as well as Lowrance MapCreate™ and FreedomMaps™ mapping. All are pre-loaded on MMC or SD cards for higher-detail mapping displays, and offer plug-&-play convenience.

That’s in addition to the built-in background map with enhanced continental U.S. and Hawaii mapping which includes marine nav aids/wrecks and obstructions, metro areas, major roadways, as well as a searchable interstate highway exit services database.

Like all models in the iFINDER line, the H20 affords full 12-parallel channel GPS and WAAS navigation, with fast, strong lock-ons even in dense cover. It includes a unique “Easy Mode” to help GPS novices get started.

There’s spacious storage for up to 1,000 waypoints, 1,000 event markers, 100 routes, and up to 100 savable plot trails with up to 10,000 points in any trail. Navigators also enjoy 40 map display ranges, from .02 to 4,000 miles, and 42 graphic icons to mark spots. Point-and-map cursor navigation and route planning is simplified, while convenient Menu and Pages keys affords easy access to a wealth of navigation features and modes.

The H20 operates up to 12 hours or more on two AA batteries (not included), while built-in back-up memory keeps the user’s GPS trip details safe and accessible for years.

New Lowrance iFINDER Pro Also Introduced Another new addition to the iFINDER line-up for 2004 is the iFINDER Pro. The Pro offers all the same enriched display, processing, and mapping options compatibility features as the H20 in a sleeker, water-resistant performance package...including a cigarette plug power adapter and waterproof navigation a slimmer price: $209 suggested retail.

Both the iFINDER H20 and Pro are available in a Plus package that features the added plus of exclusive MapCreate PC software and hardware included to create custom, high-detail mapping — with a unique database of 2,000,000 Points-of-Interest — that is saved/loaded to MMC/SD digital media cards for easy plug-&-play navigation display. Suggested retail is $359 for the iFINDER H20 Plus, and $309 for the iFINDER Pro Plus.

Both models also come complete with a Lowrance full one-year warranty. For more on the new iFINDER H20 and Pro handheld GPS models, and the ever-expanding line of Lowrance performance free tips, tutorials and emulators, and where to or call 1-800-324-1356.

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