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Fly Fishing Gear -Scientific Anglers' Mastery Series Streamer Express Lines

Fly fishing Gear - Press Release

Giving fly anglers the advantage of getting a fly down deep quickly in fresh and saltwater fishing situations, 3M Scientific Anglers offers another addition to its Mastery Series of species and technique-specific fly lines with the Streamer Express lines. Available in 200 to 450 grain weight designations for use with six through 12 weight rods, the Streamer Express lines feature an intermediate-sink running line with 3M's patented Advanced Shooting Technology (AST) coating process and extra fast 30-foot sinking head to attain sink rates from 5.5- to 8-inches per second (ips).

Sinking even deeper and faster than the Mastery Series Wet Tip Express lines, the Streamer Express lines are similar to these lines with a graduated density transition from the running line to the tapered sinking tip. "The key difference is that the AST-formulated running line also sinks slowly, providing a better straight line connection to the fish," said Bruce Richards, fly line product engineer for Scientific Anglers, "and because the running line is small, hard and slick, the lines cast long range easily and tangle very little, key features wanted by any angler throwing streamers either to stripers or trout."

Richards notes a key design in the overall taper of the Mastery Series Streamer Express lines is the 12-foot handling line between the sinking head section and running line. "It allows for anglers to carry more line and provides for controlled pick-ups," Richards adds. "The features designed into the Steamer Express lines allow for smoother, longer casting and straight-line fishing, plus added sensitivity from the straight-line running line to sinking head for better strike detection and faster hook setting."

Offered in 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 and 450 grain weight designations, the Mastery Series Streamer Express lines have a single strand monofilament core for overall moderate stiffness. "This core material has less memory than our saltwater-designated Wet Tip Express, and the Streamer Express lines have the proper line stiffness needed for typical saltwater striper action with the heavier grain weight versions, or fishing streamer flies with lighter lines in big, fast moving rivers that typically have a cooler water flow."

Sink rates for the Steamer Express lines include 5.5 ips with the 200-grain line for use with six and seven weight rods; 6 ips on the 250-grain line for seven and eight weight rods; 6.5 ips when using the 300 grain with eight and nine weights; 7 ips with the 350 for nine and 10 weight rods; 7.5 ips for the 400 grain and 10 and 11 weight; and 8 ips on the 450-grain line for 11 and 12 weight rods.

Scientific Anglers' AST formulation, a patented 'dry-slick' coating process that unlike other slickness additives and surface treatments, is integrated into the coating of the Streamer Express running line and is not a fluid that can leach out or wear off," notes Scientific Anglers' Del Kauss, who along with Richards is credited with the 3M patent on AST. "Because AST lines do not have an oily kind of silicone slickness, they don't attract dirt and algae so they provide long-lasting on-the-water performance."

Mastery Series Streamer Express fly lines are available exclusively through Scientific Anglers Mastery Series dealers. These specially-designated fly tackle shops offer instruction, service and quality products, including the complete selection of Mastery Series fly lines, leaders and tippet, System and Concept fly reels, J.W. Outfitters packs and gear bags, DB Dun rod cases, and C&F Design fly boxes and fly-fishing accessories. For more information and a listing of Mastery Series dealers, visit the Scientific Anglers web site at or for the location of your nearest Mastery Series dealer, call toll-free 800/430-5000.

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