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Direct-Tech Exclusive Technology Under Water Camera

Press Release

Aqua-Vu continues to blaze new trails with technology. What direction is my camera facing? How do I know which way I am looking? These are frequently asked underwater viewing questions.

Aqua-Vu answers these queries by introducing Direct-Tech. Being able to tell which direction your camera is "looking" greatly simplifies the process of focusing on structural elements or your bait. Found in Aqua-Vu's Smart-Vu and DT series, Direct-Tech is a patent-pending combination of sophisticated directional technology used by automakers, the military, and the marine industry with Nature Vision's On-Screen Display technology. The result is an underwater viewing system that gives the user more information than ever before.

Direct-Tech can indicate direction in two ways: relative and absolute. In the relative mode, an on-screen cursor shows camera direction in relation to the direction the monitor is facing. As camera or monitor moves, so does the arrow on the screen.

The absolute (magnetic) mode displays the compass direction the camera is facing. In addition to compass direction, the compass bearing also appears on the screen. The absolute mode makes it easier to find specific pieces of structure previously viewed. When ice fishing or still fishing, the absolute mode also lets you know the direction of a fish's approach. Saltwater anglers will find the absolute mode helpful when anchoring on structure where current influences a boat’s at-anchor position.

Temp-Tech Temp-Tech is another dramatic first from Nature Vision, Inc. Aqua Vu's eight models with Temp-Tech allow viewers to see bottom terrain and fish activity while receiving continuously updated Fahrenheit water temperature readings displayed on the lower right portion of the monitor. A temperature sensor is built into the camera to provide an on-screen water temperature reading wherever the camera's underwater location might be - near bottom, near surface, or anywhere in the water column.

The Temp-Tech innovation enables the angler to explore links between water temperature and fish location patterns. Fish relate to temperature layers and temperature zones in lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. This fish-temperature relationship has been a crucial "location" secret known to only a few professional angling researchers and biologists. It can be a key element in locating bottom-related and suspended fish in waters with and without thermoclines. Why one spot holds more fish than another, despite all factors seeming equal, can sometimes be traced to water temperature.

Sometimes dramatic water temperature differences occur in the vicinities of feeder streams and springs. Depth, water clarity, and even variations in bottom content may cause water temperature contrasts. The resulting temperature zones may facilitate or discourage the hatching of certain aquatic bugs, establishing food chains in some places while shutting them down in others. An invisible in-rush from an underwater spring may create a high-oxygen plume, creating a comfortable sanctuary for fish in mid-summer. Wind-caused currents and wave action also impact water temperature and help determine fish location and activity.

Now, with Temp-Tech and an Aqua-Vu camera's real-life view of bottom and fish in the same unit, anglers can explore the influences of these physical factors on water temperature and fish location. Remember, no matter what the season or body of water, all fish more or less seek preferred temperature zones.

Some manufacturers have offered temperature gauges for sport fishing use. But a temperature-only gauge with "nuisance" cable provides limited data and fails to relate water temperature to actual fish location habits.

Now, for the first time ever, see fish and their preferred temperature on the same viewing screen. Read a fish's body language and determine its activity level and mood in relationship to water temperature. With Aqua-Vu's Temp-Tech feature, it's possible to turn mysterious sonar blips into real species in a particular temperature range. See the presence and absence of preyfish and their forage - not only on certain structure and bottom types, but in specific temperature zones - and assemble repeatable fish-locating patterns!

Aqua-Vu underwater viewing systems with Temp-Tech include the following models: ZT-60, ZT-120, MC2X-60, MC2X-120, SV-60, SV-120, DT-60 and DT-120.
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