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Boating Gear - OPTIMA® Introduces New Group 31 Size Battery for Marine Use

Boating Gear - Press Release

Boating Gear - Since the introduction of its BlueTop® marine battery eight years ago, OPTIMA Batteries® has been gaining believers among anglers and boaters looking for an advanced power source. Now, with the introduction of the new Group 31 size battery, OPTIMA'S patented SPIRALCELL Technology® is available in a larger size platform.

Designed specifically with the advanced needs of today's boat owner in mind, the new Group 31 is built for extreme deep cycle applications. Today's boats are more dependent on electronics than ever before. Engines that demand higher cranking power, powerful 12 to 36 volt trolling motors and high tech GPS and fish finding electronics all rely on a boat's batteries for power. The Group 31 BlueTop provides an unmatched combination of cranking and deep cycle power in a spill-proof, vibration resistant case.

The Group 31 (standard size designated by the Battery Council International) from OPTIMA features the same SPIRALCELL Technology that made OPTIMA the favored battery among many segments of the U.S. Military, off-road racers and performance auto enthusiasts.

The patented SPIRALCELL Technology in an OPTIMA battery is what differentiates it from the competition and is apparent in the product's appearance, featuring a six-pack design, which holds the six compressed spiral-wound cells.

"SPIRALCELL Technology basically immobilizes the chemical reaction that goes on inside a battery," said Jeff Degen, director of marketing for OPTIMA Batteries. "By doing this, OPTIMA batteries provide a more efficient, powerful reaction which in turn allows for more consistent power for longer periods of time. In addition, it creates an extremely durable cell that allows for increased resistance to the elements, making for longer battery life."

The proprietary technology provides the following advantages to traditional lead acid batteries:

Optimal starting power, regardless of temperature
Up to 15 times the vibration resistance
Up to twice the cycle life
Lower self-discharge (longer shelf life)
Completely leakproof, spiIIproof, mountable in almost any position
Maintenance free
Faster recharging capabilities

The new Group 31 battery is now available through leading battery distributors throughout North America. The battery features OPTIMA'S patented color top and six-pack design. OPTIMA Batteries is also the official battery of the Masters Walleye Circuit.

Johnson Controls, Inc. is a global market leader in automotive systems and facility management and control. In the automotive market, it is a major supplier of seating and interior systems, and batteries. For non-residential facilities, Johnson Controls provides building control systems and services, energy management and integrated facility management. Johnson Controls, founded in 1885, has headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (U.S.A.).

OPTIMA® Batteries, Inc. is a Johnson Controls, Inc. company. OPTIMA® and OPTIMA SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY® are registered trademarks of Johnson Controls Battery Group, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Johnson Controls, Inc. RedTop®, BlueTop®, and YellowTop® are trademarks of Johnson Controls Battery Group, Inc. For more information, visit


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