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Gun Safes - Liberty's Presidential Campaign Focuses On Fire And Produces First 2.5 Hour Certified Gun Safe

Gun Safes - Press Release

It is appropriate that Liberty Safe chose an election year to launch its new Presidential – the first gun safe with 2.5 hour fire protection certified by Omega. While the other candidates were debating each other, attempting to spin old news into new sales, Liberty’s Presidential campaign focused on one key issue: providing gun owners with maximum fire protection for their valued firearms.

Liberty achieves this record 2.5 hour fire protection by engineering multiple layers of UL-listed fire insulation into all six sides of the safe. It is certified by Omega Point Laboratories, an independent, nationally recognized fire testing and certification facility. Omega’s regulated tests simulate actual home fires, ramping to 1200 degrees, the temperature of an average home fire, in just 10 minutes. Unfortunately, many gun safe companies are more liberal with their fire testing and ratings, often making up their own tests and certification standards.

The new Presidential gun safe combines this 2.5 hour fire package with its longtime industry-leading security features. The massive five-inch thick door sandwiches multiple layers of fire insulation within reinforced 3/16th inch steel, and uses a BASF Paulusol door seal which expands to eight times its size during a fire. Up to 26 massive one & one half inch active bolts fortify the door on all sides, and a drill shattering ball-bearing steel hardplate protects the UL listed Seargent & Greenleaf Group II lock from attack. The two and one sixteenth inch body construction encases multiple layers of fire insulation within its three sixteenth inch steel outer wall.

However, all of this brawn does not overpower beauty. Superior craftsmanship has always been a trademark of Liberty Gun Safe, and the new Presidential clearly demonstrates why. The safe’s standard package includes a hand-applied, auto-quality gloss finish (over a marine grade epoxy primer), distinct beveled edges, 24K gold accents, elegant graphics, the unique 5-point captains wheel handle, interior lighting, plush pin dot velour fabric and the patented 4-in-1 Flex Interior.

The new Presidential comes in the following sizes:
25 cubic feet (990 lbs and holds up to 28 long guns)
40 cubic feet (1,325 lbs and hold up to 39 long guns)
50 cubic feet (1,505 lbs and hold up to 43 long guns

High gloss finishes available are burgundy metallic, forest green metallic and champagne metallic (all with beige pin dot velour interior) or black cherry metallic (with silver pin dot velour). 24K gold, polished chrome or black chrome hardware options on the gun safes.

“We are very pleased with the results of the new Presidential,” says Liberty President Jeff Talley. “Our goal was to provide gun owners with the best fire, security, craftsmanship and value available. Gun owners put a lot of time and money into their firearms, and we owe it to them to properly protect their investments. The new Presidential is ideal for gun owners who are as serious about their gun safes as they are about their firearms.”

Call 800/247-5625 or visit for more information about the new Liberty Presidential or other Liberty model gun safes.


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