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Fishing- Never been a spinner like it. Unique hardly describes the Thunder Bug. Painstaking research went into every aspect of its design. The result is a truly special spinner that catches fish and actually looks like fish food. Just look at the unusual body. It’s carved from solid brass in a shape that imitates the head and thorax of a number of common insects. Each is strikingly decorated in a variety of fish attracting hues which are equally appealing to both fish and fishermen.

Thunder Bug blades are shaped like insect wings. They are constructed of the highest quality brass in just the right curvature and thickness to spin easily and stand up to hard fishing. All blades are exquisitely finished in distinct colors and specially coated for durability. As a finishing touch, each blade is stamped with a lifelike insect wing pattern. Choose from silver, gold, white, metallic brown or metallic black.

Every dressed Thunder Bug starts with a strong, extra sharp French fishing hook. Each is hand tied with top grade hackle, and includes a Flashabou® accent to provide extra fish attracting sparkle. Flashabou® can also be found on Mepps Spin Flies and all Mepps XD’s.

Strong, waterproof epoxy secures the dressing and insures that every Thunder Bug will keep its brand new look, even after repeated fishing use.

All Thunder Bug parts are assembled on a Swedish Sandvic® stainless steel wire meant to stand up to the strain of repeatedly landing fish. Craftsmen around the world know the finest hand saws made today are made from Sandvic® stainless steel. No flimsy wire to bend and ruin the action of the most unique fishing spinner ever.

Fish the #00 and #0 Thunder Bug for panfish, including crappie and perch, and small trout. The #1 Thunder Bug is perfect for fishing for larger trout and smallmouth bass. Slab crappie will inhale a #1 Thunder Bug. Tie on a #2 Thunder Bug and you’re set to fish largemouth bass and walleye. A #2 will also take northern pike. Tie the Thunder Bug directly to your fishing line. Heavy snap swivels can foul the action of any spinner. If you need to get deeper, attach a couple of small split shot sinkers to your line about a foot above the Thunder Bug. This will keep your spinner on the bottom, but it won’t impede the action of the fishing lure.

When fishing for stream trout, always wade and fish upstream. Stream trout face into the current. Food is naturally presented to trout as a tidbit moving with the current. So, position yourself so you can cast at an angle, upstream and across the current. Trout will hit your Thunder Bug when it’s changing direction from tumbling downstream with the current to an across current movement.

If it’s panfish you’re after, fish the edge of weed beds and lily pads. Attach a small bobber and drop the Thunder Bug into holes fishing between the pads. Vertically jig the spinner allowing the blade to flutter downward.

Fish for both walleyes and smallmouth bass on drop-offs or over rocky bars. Use a #1 or #2 Thunder Bug. Try dressed fishing lures for big smallmouth. Whether it’s panfish, trout, bass, crappie or perch. . . fish a Thunder Bug and match the hatch.

Thunder Bug®

Finally a fishing lure so revolutionary, it allows spinner fishermen to “match the hatch.” From its fluttering, veined, lifelike wing to its finely finished segmented body, the Mepps Thunder Bug® looks like a bug, acts like a bug; and, to a fish, appears every bit as tasty as a bug.

Four sizes. Six blade colors. Dressed or plain treble fishing hooks. Bugs so natural, we’ve even given them bug names. Fill your lure box and get ready to "Match The Hatch".

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