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Fly Fishing - Rajeff Sports And Echo

Fly Fishing - Manufacturer Spotlight

Consumers have been bombarded with many choices when it comes to rods, reels, and lines but never have they been able to get so much performance and good looks from one company. The minds and casting arms of Rajeff Sports have come up with the best rod made at the below $150 mark.

The materials and beautiful cosmetics compliment the overall performance to bring the entry priced customer up to the big league in one step. All ECHO rods are 4 piece travel rods and come with a display tube. An extra tough unique triangular tube can be purchased separately.

ECHO rods are complemented by two sizes of ECHO reels. The reels are a composite large arbor design with proven technology. The stainless steel disc / Teflon drag offers substantial fish stopping power in a lightweight design. Both sizes share the same internal components and have stood up to the demands of fresh as well as saltwater anglers. On a recent trip to Baja one customer caught a 40lb Dorado and several other species including skipjack and tuna. The reels are made in Denmark and come with a soft reel bag.

The ECHO 8’0” #4 rods mission is to provide a tippet protecting light trout rod. Its medium fast medium stiff configuration is easy to cast up close and still has enough punch for medium long casts. At 8’0” it is the perfect balance between a creek / small river rod and a lake / larger river rod. No rod can do it all but if you are headed into the high country and plan to fish for Mr. And Mrs. Rainbow bring the #4 ECHO.

The ECHO 9’0” #5 is designed to cover a large range of fishing conditions. It is a medium fast plus in a stiff design. This combination of power and action delivers a cast up close by employing its light tip—while the high powered butt section can chuck the fly a country mile.

Every fishing situation demands a different fly and tactic while every fisherperson has a different casting style and physique—the Echo 9’0” #5 was designed to meet these various needs. That is why you owe it to your self to try the ECHO 9’0” #5 for your self; you’ll agree that it is the best a rod can offer for the price.

The ECHO 9’0” #6 rod is ready to conquer the challenges of larger fish and longer line. Its action is the same as the #5 but in a stiff # 6 design. The stiff rating may scare a few people but we find that if the action is fast the rod can be designed to be a little stiffer and still fit the needs of most anglers. People who have fished the #6 for trout love the light tip and steelheaders love the powerful butt section.

The ECHO 9’0” #7 rod is nearing the final steps of design and field-testing. The rod feels light in the hand but is deceptively powerful. It is designed to throw bugs to bass, streamers in rivers as well as take the abuse of flats saltwater fishing. With a medium fast plus action and medium stiff power level it will be a comfortable rod to cast all day.

The design team had to reach deep to come up with a rod that would chuck a mouse to big rainbows, a low water green butt skunk to steelhead and Atlantic salmon , a deerhead frog to some feller with a big mouth and cover a bone from a boat or on foot. The ECHO 9’0” #8 pulls it off!! It is a medium fast plus rod with a medium stiff plus power level. By staying just (and I mean just) below the fast / stiff configuration the ECHO 9’0” #8 can flick a short cast w/o working hard and still drive a cast into a blow. If you are looking for an all around #8 rod stop looking.

Vavoom!!! The 9’0” #9 ECHO rod was designed with fewer tasks in mind than the #8 rod. It is a fast action stiff rod. Its goal is to load up close and then, with the benefit of a fast / stiff rod, drive a tight loop halfway across the ocean. The target for the 9’0” #9 ECHO was to fish in striper territory w/o missing the need to deliver heavy crabs to tough permit. Clousers and bunker flys need to be cast at higher speed to overcome the laws of gravity and air resistance and the 9’0” #9 ECHO will do so when called upon.

The ECHO 9’0” #10 is the largest of the ECHO family. People who need to throw heavy lines ask for fast stiff rods. The ECHO 9’0” #10 will provide the casting power and raw lifting power you need to cast heavy flies to big Tarpon or wrestling big stripers to the boat. The rod is a medium fast plus action with a stiff power level that can bring big fish to their knees (if they actually had knees). It has a large-diameter fighting butt in anticipation of long hard battles.

ECHO 10 #6 four piece rod.

If you are on your ass in a tube or chasing steelhead in skinny water you will love the 10’ #6 ECHO rod. It is medium stiff and is fast action. This combination helps form good loops up close but has plenty of power to launch long casts. The rod is produced from graphite that is designed to handle the stress of landing fish on long rods. All 10’ rods come with a full wells grip and a standard fighting but.

ECHO 10 #7 four piece rod.

The #7 follows in the footsteps of the #6 rod with a fast action and medium stiff construction. It has the backbone to work larger water with larger flies but still is a favorite of the serious trout fisherman who prefers fishing from a boat. Steelhead fishermen looking for the perfect seven-weight rod need no longer search you have found your rod

ECHO 10#8 four piece rod

Bambi meets Godzilla. The 10’ #* ECHO rod is a cannon. With big flies, big fish, and long casts in mind the 10 #8 rod has the same fast action but is built with more power than most #8 rods. The extra power comes in handy when stopping big fish on the run. It’s thick walled construction ads needed strength to the rod.

About Rajeff Sports

Rajeff Sports is a distributor of flyfishing goods located on the Rajeff Cove of Vancouver Lake in Washington State. Currently we distribute Airflo Flylines, ECHO rods and reels, and various other implementations of Tim's dementia. Tim Rajeff is the president, in charge of Company Direction. Katherine Hart is vice president in charge of Monitoring Tim and Keeping things Moving. Jarrod Black is Chief Grunt (rumor has it that he's really just a software package that Tim bought cheap).

At Rajeff Sports we have a few goals; we want to be the easiest company to do business with, we want to provide the fly fishing community with quality, innovative products, and we want to have fun. After all, if we can't have fun we'd be grumpy all the time, and then we certainly wouldn't be easy to do business with.


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