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Every Climax leader is designed with a stiff butt section to transfer your casting energy progressively down the length of the leaderto the tippet section. All leaders are manufactured with high-abrasion resistance, yet supple co-polymer materials, which allow this energy transfer to deliver a quick, powerful turnover and delicate, natural presentation of the fly.

Climax Leaders are specifically designed for different species offish and fishing conditions. These designs give maximum leader performance for specific fishing techniques.


Trout are arguably the most sought after fish by fly fishers the world over. In the last ten years, Climax leaders have undergone an evolution. Today we offer the demanding trout angler the best of two worlds: Powerful turnover from a stiffer butt section teamed with delicate tippet presentation and just the right amount of shock absorbing stretch from the material.

Perfection, available in a wide range of lengths and sizes: 4 ft. OX-5X, 6 ft. OX-4X, 7.5 ft. OX-6X, 9 ft. OX-7X, 12 ft. 4X-7Xand15ft. 4X-7X.$3.75


The take of a nymphing trout can be almost undetectable. We've taken a lot of the guess work out by designing a superb casting and fishing leader that has a slim strike indicator built into the middle. Our special nymph leader is available in two lengths and a variety of sizes: 7.5 ft. OX-5Xand9ft. OX-5X.$3.95


Delicate presentation is imperative in spring creek situations exemplified by placid waters and very tricky backwater eddies. These leaders have shorter butt sections and extra-long tippet sections. Climax Spring Creek leaders are superb for lake fishing,also. Available in 13 1/2 and 16 ft. 4X-7X.$3.75


All the benefits of Fluorocarbon material in a full length tapered leader. Extra hard material virtually disappears in water due to its low refraction properties. Fish will only see yourfly, notyourtippet. Available in 9ft. .016" through 7X.$6.95


The supple braided monofilament butt section on this new leader reduces unwanted drag allowing your fly to drift more naturally. Delicate tippet turnover. Fluorocarbon Tippetvirtually disappears underwater.Available in 9 ft. OX-7X. $8.95


The almost infinite variety of conditions and fly sizes needed for successful Salmon and Steelhead fishing demands an equally diverse arsenal of leaders for the task. Climax has got you covered. All leaders have strong butts, semi-quick tapers and long tippets to allow the fly to swim in a realistic fashion. OurSalmon/Steelhead leaders are available in these lengths and sizes: 4 ft., 6 Ib.-20 Ib. and 9 ft., 10.5ft. and 15ft. in 8 to 15 Ib. test. $3.75


Bass fishing usually entails big, wind resistantflies and windy conditions. These leaders are designed to address both realities, as well as the fact that exact placement is often times demanded. Leaders are 70% butt material, with a quick tapering and short tippet section. Climax Bass leaders are available in 6ft. and 9ft. lengths, 6 to 15 Ib. test.$3.75


Big fish, big flies, big teeth! Pike and Musky require a leader with a big diameter butt section to turnover giant wind resistant flies and a tip- j pet section built to hold up against sharp teeth. The 8 foot leader has a ; 15" coated wire shock tippet with two crimping sleeves, attached to your choice of 20,30 or 40 Ib. mono.$3.95


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