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Fishing Lures - Mepps® Color Technology based on the Mepps “See Best” color principles)

Fishing Lures - Press Release

VISIBILITY THROUGH CONTRAST For a fish to strike a lure, it must be able to see it. Motion stimulates fish to action along with other stimulants, like sound and vibration, and in some species, scent. See Best technology provides maximum contrast between the lure and its background so it is visible to the fish. This is achieved through proper material and color selection for specific water and light conditions.


Fish do not have an innate desire for any particular color. It is fact certain colors can be seen better under various water and light conditions which makes color a critical factor. Anadromous fish have eye receptors that are adapted to readily see the colors green in the ocean and red during spawning, but they will strike lures of any color if they can be seen. Color, then, is a prime mechanism for determining how a lure will contrast with its background so it can easily be seen.

The second function of lure coloring is to provide lures with different brightness. As the fish’s metabolism changes with water temperature, a lure’s total brightness becomes a factor.


When light travels through water, certain wavelengths are filtered out depending upon depth and water color. Sunlight contains all the colors of the rainbow, but as light travels through water, only certain colors in the spectrum penetrate depending upon the clarity of the water. So, the lure colors seen by the fisherman in the air are not the colors seen by the fish under water. Lure colors degrade substantially in the water, even clear water. It is the role of the lure designer to know how these colors change, and select color schemes that provide maximum contrast under prevailing water and light conditions.


Fish are cold-blooded, and their activity level is determined by water temperature. At cold temperatures, a fish’s metabolism is slow, and it is sluggish; a bright lure is required to stimulate a strike. Depending upon the species, there is an optimum (cool) temperature where fish are most active and comfortable. When the water temperature warms above the fish’s optimum temperature, its eyes become sensitive and it avoids bright lures; therefore, lures must be toned down.


Mepps has incorporated several innovative features in the design of all its lures featuring Mepps Color Technology. It’s important to understand that lures are not only viewed by the fish from the front, but from the side and rear, too. If a spinner is drifted into a holding fish, the fish will observe the spinner from the side, then finally from the rear. So, blades, bodies, beads and strike attractor tubes on all Mepps products featuring See Best technology have all been carefully selected for optimal contrast under all water and light conditions.


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