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Hunting Clothes - i.d.i.gear's Revolutionary Thermal Insulation For Hunting Clothes

Hunting Clothes - Feature Article

Hunting Clothes-You may not have heard of it yet, but in the near future eliotex may play a big part in your hunting success. eliotex is the newest thermal insulator on the market today and offers some excellent features others hunting clothes insulators don’t.

This revolutionary technical fabric is based on the fact that “air is the best insulator of them all”. By trapping air within its cellular structure of your hunting clothes eliotex can both insulate and allow body moisture to escape at the same time.

The best part about this new insulator is its extremely thin and buoyant allowing it to have a multitude of uses in outdoor apparel. Innovative Designs, Inc. (i.d.i.gear) is the quality manufacturer and distributor of unique outdoor products including hunting clothes containing the new proprietary insulating fabric called “eliotex”.

eliotex Fact Sheet

eliotex™ Properties:
Extremely thin
Water resistant
Wind proof
eliotex™ Factual Findings:

One layer of eliotex™ in your hunting clothes protects wearer to -25° C (-13° F)
One square yard of eliotex™ is only 0.021 inches (1/2 millimeter) thick and weighs 0.42 ounces
8.8 ounces of eliotex™ will float 287 pounds of body weight
Melting point of 194° F

eliotex™ can be sewn and/ or laminated to most any hunting clothes fabric
Multiple layers of eliotex™ in your hunting clothing can be used to provide virtually unlimited levels of cold-weather protection

eliotex’s patented technology provides unbeatable protection, making it the ultimate weapon against all of nature’s surprises. With eliotex you receive superior protection, without all of the bulk of traditional hunting clothes.

How it works

eliotex’s micro air cells trap in and reflect body heat to insulate from harsh cold.

As the micro air cells retain body temperature, the eliotex technology allows for body moisture to escape, preventing uncomfortable dampness in your hunting clothes.

eliotex is also windproof, water resistant, and buoyant. The body will remain warm and dry as the eliotex in your hunting clothes reflects the body’s natural heat, and protects from even the most severe outdoors elements.

i.d.i.gear Hunting Clothes Now Available in Mossy Oak Patterns

i.d.i.gear’s eliotex hunting clothes will now be available in your favorite Mossy Oak pattern. In January of this year Innovative Designs announced their exclusive license with Haas Outdoors, Inc., to manufacture, distribute, license, and wholesale hunting clothes containing eliotex(TM) in the Mossy Oak® camouflage patterns.

About i.d.i. Gear – innovative designs Inc.

innovative designs, Inc. products deliver optimum warmth and comfort with insulating, windproof, and water resistant protection. As avid outdoorsmen, we realize that the right gear makes all the difference in extreme conditions.

innovative designs, Inc. products equip you for the ultimate outdoor experience, without the added weight, bulk, and expense of our competition. Our products are the ultimate outdoor gear: lightweight, warm, functional, affordable, and with the quiet and unrestricted mobility that will allow you to step outside longer and enjoy your stay.

To learn more about i.d.i.Gear and their revolutionary insulator eliotex visit their website at

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