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Hunting Gear - Weatherby Adds New Items to Performance Wool Outerwear Line

Hunting Gear - Press Release

Hunting Gear - Weatherby has responded to the growing popularity of its Performance Wool outerwear by expanding the 2004 line with four new itemsa heavyweight classic cruiser jacket and vest plus chaps and a traditionally-styled outfitter's hat. "The construction of Performance Wool enables us to make nature's high-tech fiber even better adapted for outdoor protection and comfort," said Brad Ruddell, Weatherby's vice president of sales and marketing. "After two seasons on the market, the feedback we get from guides, hunters and outfitters is 'give us more versions of it to wear'."

According to Wade Krinke, Weatherby's director of soft goods, the new 2004 garments have all the qualities which have made Performance Wool a growing choice for rough-weather use. This includes:

Superior insulation "Even when wet, wool retains 60 percent of its insulating properties," Krinke said, adding that this natural insulation is enhanced by an itchproof lining of synthetic 2x micro-fleece. This lining is also water averse, moving moisture away from the body and into the wool fabric. This helps promote faster evaporation of moisture for more warmth and comfort in cold temperatures.

Comfort control Wool garments are known for their ability to move moisture away from the body. This, combined with the water-averse qualities of Weatherby's synthetic lining, helps the wearer adjust to a wider range of temperatures and exertion levels.

Durability and utility By blending in viscose synthetic fibers, Weatherby has added both extra wear resistance and easy care to Performance Wool. All garments can be machine washed (gentle cycle) and line dried for minimum shrinkage.

In describing the four new garments, Krinke said they are crafted of the heavyweight (28 ounce) wool which is rated for temperatures from 0 to 40 degrees F. It is lined with moisture-wicking 2x micro-fleece. The jacket, vest, chaps and hat are available in the High Desert Brown camo pattern. Individual details include:

Heavyweight Classic Cruiser Jacket With a traditional collar which can be worn up or down plus a longer waist and double front and back yoke, this jacket is designed to provide excellent cold-weather protection. Ample pocket space includes two covered upper pockets plus handwarmer pockets which act as a closure system for extra-roomy lower cargo pockets.

In addition, a large back pocket with button and flap closure provides extra room for gloves, hat, map and other items. Additional fabric sewn into the elbows adds durability and articulation to prevent sleeves from riding up or binding when shouldering a rifle or shotgun. Manufacturer's suggested retail: $200.

Heavyweight Classic Cruiser Vest Designed with a traditional V-neck and cut to allow ample arm room, this new vest has an itch-free 2x micro-fleece lining. Suitable for stand-alone wear or layering, it features a button-down front with handwarmer pockets behind generous cargo pockets. "Napoleon" pockets above the hand warmer pockets are zippered for secure storage. Manufacturer's suggested retail: $110.

Heavyweight Wool Chaps Easy to put on or remove over hunting pants, Performance Wool chaps are for situations which require extra warmth without restricting flexibility. They are designed for extreme hiking and other high-country use during early-morning cold snaps, and will not bind up when hunting on horseback. Side zippers allow easy slip-on over boots and a two-inch-wide belt web with adjustable snaps provides length adjustment. Manufacturer's suggested retail: $79.

Heavyweight Outfitter Hat After decades of use by railroaders and adoption as the unofficial hat of outfitters and guides in the West, this traditional billed-cap design has proven to be ideal all-weather headgear. It includes an external belt to adjust easily for fit plus thick 2x micro-fleece lined flaps which fold down to keep ears warm in cold weather. Manufacturer's suggested retail: $39.

For more information, contact a local Weatherby dealer or Weatherby, Inc., 3100 El Camino Real, Atascadero, Calif. 93422; (805) 466-1767. Or visit

Founded in 1947, Weatherby, Inc. manufactures and markets rifles, shotguns, ammunition, Performance Wool outerwear and security/shooting accessories. The company is based in Atascadero.


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