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Fishing Lures - Smithwick Rogue 5 1/2" Limited Rogue

Fishing Lures - Smithwick

Fishing Lures - No one stands apart like a Smithwick Rogue fisherman. He knows what he wants and he’s not afraid to say it. That’s why Smithwick decided to bring back the 5 " Rogue. It didn’t take long for the message to get through that Smithwick anglers wanted this big fish bait back on the market.

Not only is Smithwick bringing the 5 " Rogue back, it is bringing it back in its edition of Limited Rogues. The 5 " Limited Rogue offers Rogue fishermen another member of the Rogue family that will cast efficiently, present a large profile in the water and maintain the signature roll that has made the name Rogue synonymous with jerkbaits.

The Smithwick 5 " Limited Rogue was designed for the avid angler looking for the “extra” advantage. Smithwick’s “Limited” decoration includes scale backs, gill plates, predator eyes, metalized bodies and realistic features. The combination of refined paint schemes and bright plated bodies creates an unmatched lifelike depth and flash.

Add that to the Rogue’s uncanny fish-catching action, awesome paint schemes and premium, ultra-sharp Gamakatsu© hooks and you have a product befit of the type of angler who fishes it.

One that stands apart from the pack.

“Look out big bass,” said Mark Menendez, Bassmaster Touring pro and well-known Smithwick angler. “Now we’ve got what you’ve really been waiting for. The Smithwick 5 " Limited Rogue is my preferred lure to catch big fish.

The 5 " Rogue is always my lead off hitter when it comes to finding and catching big bass.


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