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Fishing - Biosonix Fish Attracting System

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Fishing - Imagine being able to call fish to within casting range of a boat. If possible, such technology would revolutionize fishing forever. Truly a milestone in fishing that parallels the invention of monofilament line, the trolling motor, or the depth recorder.

"Having witnessed the consistent effectiveness of Rat-L-Traps for catching many species of fresh and saltwater fish, I became convinced that we had only scratched the surface in harnessing the power of natural sound for developing more effective fishing tackle products," said W. H. Buddy Lewis, president and founder of Biosonix Systems, Inc. "Biosonix is a major departure from such 'effective' methods of fishing commonly practiced today. Biosonix allows fishermen to catch more fish without frequent relocation by attracting more fish into casting range and stimulating more aggressive feeding behavior,"

Water conducts sound vibrations extremely well. Living in a watery world, fish respond naturally to sound and their survival depends upon it. Using sounds, fish locate food, detect predators that might eat them and "listen" to the activities of their neighbors.

When the neighbors attack a school of shad, the sounds they make and the sounds baitfish make stimulate an aggressive response and trigger fish to feed. Biosonix capitalizes on that natural phenomenon to an angler's advantage.

Tank tests conducted over five years consistently showed the effectiveness of Biosonix technology for attracting fish and stimulating increased aggressiveness and feeding behavior in them. In tests under "fair" fishing conditions, anglers using Biosonix caught twice as many fish as when they did not use it. During tests under "good" fishing conditions, anglers achieved a 216 percent increase in catch rate with Biosonix than without it. In field tests, bass, bream, crappie and numerous other fresh and saltwater fish responded favorably to Biosonix stimulation.

"Generally, Biosonix tests to date have shown results varying from marginal to dramatic, depending on the general fishing conditions present," said Dr. Steven P. Holt, a noted fisheries author and researcher. "During the poorest fishing conditions, when catching any fish at all is a task, Biosonix has consistently been shown to produce better results than fishing without Biosonix. In other words, when fishing is at its poorest, Biosonix can make the difference between catching no fish at all and catching some fish. As fishing conditions improve and fish become more aggressive, Biosonix results become increasingly dramatic."

Unquestionably, Biosonix works, but should anglers use it? Without a doubt, yes! With Biosonix, people will consistently spend more time catching fish and less time running around looking for them. If people catch more fish, more people will become fishermen. That's good for the economy and the entire fishing industry. As more people begin fishing, they will pay more attention to the environment.

"Fishermen are true stewards of the natural environment," Lewis said. "If future generations are to enjoy the great outdoors, it becomes critical that we not just maintain, but grow the number of active participants in the sport of fishing. Biosonix is only one step, but one that represents an exciting opportunity to insure that our great sport of fishing will not only compete, but will continue to prevail as America's favorite participation sport."

The development of Biosonix marks a quantum leap in fishing technology. It represents the emergence of a new era in fishing tackle design. Biosonix is set to take the world well beyond the diminishing returns of current fishing techniques into the world of "bio-positive" technologies and the near limitless advantages they will bring to both fishermen and our natural fishing environment.

For more information go to Contact: Ken Chaumont 800 633-4861


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