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Orvis’ BUZZ OFF Insect Shield™ Insect Repellent Apparel

Press Release

MANCHESTER, Vermont – Orvis announced today the launch of BUZZ OFF Insect Shield™ Insect Repellent Apparel, a new line of insect-repellent clothing, available at select Orvis retail stores nationwide and at beginning in Fall 2003.

A full rollout in all stores, dealers, catalogs, and the web is slated for Spring 2004. Company officials expect BUZZ OFF will become the biggest revolution in outdoor technical apparel since the introduction of Gore-Tex® in 1978.

BUZZ OFF apparel from Orvis is a high performance and potent innovation in bug repellency. It provides the benefits of a bug spray without the constant reapplication, so the number of insect bites is dramatically reduced without ever having to coat (and recoat) with a spray or cream. That’s because BUZZ OFF is in the clothing, not on the skin, so it keeps working as long as the garment is being worn.

The new Orvis product provides effective protection against mosquitos, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges or no-see-ums, thanks to its active ingredient, permethrin, a man-made form of an all-natural insect repellent derived from the chrysanthemum plant. It’s EPA-registered, odorless, effortless, and effective through 25 washings.

“We compare the launch of BUZZ OFF to the revolutionary impact Gore-Tex had when it was first introduced,” says Orvis BUZZ OFF Brand Manager, Ryan Shadrin. “It’s that kind of a seismic change in the way we think of performance clothing.”

“Imagine wearing great-looking, casual apparel that also happens to work as well as an insect repellent in preventing mosquito and tick bites. With no odor, no effort, and no hassle. That’s no small benefit, especially considering the increase in West Nile virus and Lyme disease across the country,” Shadrin said.

Extensive testing conducted both by the manufacturers of BUZZ OFF and Orvis has proven that Orvis BUZZ OFF apparel works. “We’ve been testing BUZZ OFF clothes in some of the harshest, buggiest areas in the country,” says Shadrin. “From mosquito-ridden bayous of Louisiana to black-fly-infested forests of Maine, BUZZ OFF performance has been impressive: not only does it work as well as bug spray, but just as importantly, it keeps working even when the garment gets wet, so you can enjoy the outdoors without ever having to reapply repellent,” he said.

BUZZ OFF will also be carried by Ex Officio, a Seattle-based company owned by The Orvis Company, Inc. Ex Officio has led the way in outdoor performance clothing for the last 16 years. Their garments are distributed in specialty outdoor, fly fishing, travel, and luggage stores throughout the U.S. and the world.

BUZZ OFF is a patent-pending innovation from Buzz Off Insect Shield LLC, based in Greensboro, NC. The idea for developing insect repellent clothing was originally driven by the U.S. armed forces’ need to protect field troops in a way that was safe and long lasting. After seven years of joint research and testing with the military, the company found BUZZ OFF to be highly effective in repelling mosquitoes and ticks. It is similarly effective in repelling ants, flies, chiggers and no-see-ums. In July 2003, Buzz Off Insect Shield introduced the first insect repellent apparel ever registered by the EPA.

More details about BUZZ OFF are available at Specific product information, as well as additional background regarding BUZZ OFF performance will be released in Fall 2003.

Orvis, the oldest continuously operated catalog company in the country, has been the premier outfitter of the distinctive country lifestyle and sporting traditions since 1856. The company’s international headquarters for its mail order, retail and wholesale businesses are in Manchester, Vermont.


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