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Bushnell's Yardage Pro® Legend" Now Features Rainguard®

Hunting Gear - Bushnell

Bushnell- Overland Park, KS. — The world's only 100 percent waterproof laser rangefinder, the Yardage Pro Legend™, now comes with Bushnell's exclusive RainGuard technology. Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts can now use the Legend in torrential rains, snow and sleet without having to worry about fogging on the inside and out.

RainGuard anti-fog coating has been field-proven since its 1999 introduction on Bushnell Elite riflescopes. Bushnell's permanent, patented lens coating prevents fogging, repels rain, sleet and snow. Applied to the outside of the objective and ocular lenses, RainGuard forces moisture from rain, fog or snow to form in very small droplets on a lens surface and sheet away. The result is a clearer view despite weather conditions.

Bushnell's Yardage Pro Legend measures 1.75x3.95x3.15 inches and weighing only 7.2 ounces, the Legend is small enough to fit in a pocket or pack. Utilizing digital technology with built-in Rain and Reflect modes, the Legend is the perfect choice for any hunter. Minimum ranging distance is 15 yards with a maximum range of 930 yards to a reflective object with Bushnell's trademark +/- 1-yard accuracy.

The Yardage Pro Legend is easy to use. The vertical case design allows one hand operation. The 6x magnification brings long distance targets into focus. The hunter or shooter simply places the reticle on the target, depresses the fire button located on the top of the rangefmder and instantly reads the distance, in yards or meters, illuminated by an LCD.

Users can select from Scan and Zip modes. In the Scan mode, the hunter presses the fire button and receives continuously updated distance readouts as the rangefinder scans an area. If an animal is behind an obstruction, the hunter can quickly range on a nearby tree or rock without releasing the fire button. Moving targets can also be tracked using this mode. In the Zip mode, the Legend will disregard any feedback from secondary targets — tree limbs or brush — in essence eliminating measurement to targets less than 150 yards away, providing an accurate read-out for the primary target.

Like all Bushnell laser rangefinders, the Legend emits invisible, eye-safe, Class I laser energy pulses that are reflected off a selected target back to its receiving optics. The Legend comes with a 3-volt lithium battery that will deliver over 8,000 readings. An automatic, battery-saving feature shuts the unit off after 30 seconds of non-use. For convenience, a neck strap/hand strap and case with belt loop and clip is also standard.

Suggested retail for the Yardage Pro Legend is $567.99. Covered by the Bushnell Limited Lifetime Warranty, it will be available at Bushnell dealers in 2004.


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