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Rocket Aerohead-An Unprecedented Combination of Accuracy


Flight - Hit where you aim! Rocket Aeroheads are aerodynamically designed for total field point accuracy with a minimum amount of exposed blade surface in flight. They will fly the same as equal weight field points with the same minimal fletch size and offset or helical used with your field points, eliminating the need to change from your practice set-up.

You'll have a lot more confidence in the field using the same set-up that you've practiced with, especially when you know your arrows are tipped with the most deadly effective hunting head on the market today. The lighter weights of Rocket Aeroheads transmit less inertial shock to the shaft during acceleration, allowing for the use of light shafts with light spine for increased speed and accuracy with flatter trajectory. Optimum flight is achieved with less front-end spinning mass, a lower rate of rotational, and less rear-end drag relative to conventional winged broadheads.

Blade Opening - On impact, the blades of Rocket Aeroheads open fully 100% of the time. Simple fail-free lever action forces the blades open as the flat leading edges of the blade tips strike fur and feathers. The blade tips are unsharpened for quick external deployment of the blades.

With external blade deployment there is no loss of energy from a spreading of the target material by the back of the blades, which can significantly reduce the penetration of heads which have blades that deploy internally. Fur, feathers, and flesh flexibly catch the blade tips. As the blades begin opening only a slight amount of force is directed back along the shaft, limiting the energy used for blade opening to the small amount needed to expand the O-ring. The O-rings simply provide a more consistent tension on the blades than any other system on the market. All Rocket Aeroheads are designed to open externally for a full width entry wound and optimum penetration. The faster Rocket Aeroheads are shot, the quicker and more externally the blades open.

The blades are made in different styles and lengths which provide varying amounts of blade-opening leverage on impact. This ensures a full width entry wound at the speed your shooting along with a minimum of exposed blade surface in flight. Penetration - Rocket Aeroheads will out-penetrate conventional vented broadheads of considerably smaller size. In fact, our new Stealth series Aeroheads penetrate up to twice as far on foam and plywood combinations as conventional vented heads of similar cutting dimension.

On game, Rocket Arrowheads snake uncannily along the path of least resistance. The patented offset blades cause Rocket Aeroheads to twistingly penetrate game to deliver a devastating spiral wound channel. They will readily shatter the largest bone, but not if there is an easier way around. They tend to twist and glance off of bone, conserving energy to cut more vital tissue. Rocket Aeroheads do not take the path of least resistance when it comes to impact at an acute angle. Because the blades form an angle with the ferrule, when a single blade catches, it leverages the chisel point into the target. The blade tips are pointed rather than rounded.

to pull them into the target with an angled hit. This feature has often turned an otherwise glancing missed shot into a successful hunt. Typically, a slash wound leads up to the point of entry. Tight angle shots should be avoided, however, with the longer-bladed Aeroheads as the arrow may turn on impact reducing penetration.

Maximum Damage - The small on-center blades of conventional broadheads often leave a small surgical cut which can easily close up. The spiral wound channel left by Rocket Aeroheads is anything but surgical. The offset blades of Rocket Aeroheads are set back from the chisel tip. As a result bone is shattered and flesh is stretched before the blades strike. Blood vessels, arteries, and flesh under tension spring apart when cut for maximum hemorrhaging. Together with the extra wide cutting diameters of Rocket Aeroheads you'll have a trail which leads to recovered game.

Strength - Rocket Aeroheads have all the stay together strength of the toughest conventional broadheads. They are continuously put through some grueling tests and they will stay together through the toughest materials. The blades are secured with screws. A factory replacement or refund will be given for any Aerohead that breaks a folding blade on game. The blades may occasionally bend when impacting large bone, but they continue to cut and they will not break. Blades which bend slightly sideways do so because they are forcing the ferrule to turn. It is a more effective use of arrow energy for a blade to bend now and then on large bone in order to conserve energy to cut more vital tissue and promote rapid hemorrhaging. The worst case scenario is that the cutting diameter and blade angle are reduced to that of a conventional broadhead, a rare event in the field even when penetrating shoulder bone.


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