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Yamaha’s 2005 Kodiak 450 in Realtree Hardwoods® HD™

Yamaha - ATV

Yamaha - Cypress, California -- With its new aggressive Grizzly-like styling, the Yamaha 2005 Kodiak 450 in Realtree Hardwoods® HD™ shares more than just its big brother’s good looks thanks to a new independent rear suspension (IRS) system.Along with the additional comfort, the IRS provides increased function, versatility and overall off-road capability to a machine that has already been lauded for its powerful engine and nimble handling. Factor in the increased ground clearance afforded by the IRS – almost 11” – and the 2005 Kodiak 450 is ready to do battle in big-bore territory.

Again for 2005, the Kodiak 450 is packed with all the features that helped the 2004 model win “ATV of the Year” from American Hunter, including a proven powerplant, push-button On Command® 2WD/4WD system with differential lock, Ultramatic® automatic transmission with dual range and industry leading all-wheel engine braking, hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, and a digital multi-function display package.

In addition to offering more comfort, the Kodiak 450’s new suspension is fully adjustable at both ends, enabling the rider the versatility of dialing in preferred settings for a variety of terrain and conditions. The independent configurations front and rear offer up front plenty of suspension travel, as well as the aforementioned ground clearance of almost 11”.

Supplying the power for the Kodiak 450 is a proven 421cc SOHC four-stroke engine that provides plenty of torque-filled punch down low as part of an extremely user-friendly powerband that is well-suited to any activity, be it work- or recreation-related. Breathing life into the engine and ensuring crisp throttle response and optimum performance is a 33mm BSR carburetor, while a durable stainless steel exhaust enhances power delivery and at the same time keeps engine noise to a minimum.

Getting the power to all four corners of the now independently suspended Kodiak 450 is Yamaha’s exclusive and ultra-tough Ultramatic automatic transmission. Riders appreciate the system’s hassle- and shift-free operation, not to mention its reputation for durable, reliable performance. Utilizing both centrifugal and sprag (one-way) clutches, the Ultramatic system keeps constant tension on the drive belt for minimal slippage and wear. Also gone is the “freewheeling” in downhill situations sometimes found on other ATVs thanks to the industry-leading engine braking supplied by the patented Ultramatic system.

To add to the versatility of the machine and help the rider take full advantage of the Kodiak 450 powerband, high- and low-range gear options have been incorporated into the driveline. Selecting a gear has been made simple thanks to a lever located on the left front fender, where the rider can also chose a reverse gear option, neutral or park. A multi-function LCD display with speedometer, odometer/trip meter, hour meter and clock also displays gear selection.

Speaking of choices, Yamaha’s patented On-Command system enables a rider to further match machine to terrain by selecting between 2WD, 4x4 or 4x4 w/differential lock via a conveniently mounted push-button housing on the handlebar. The system, which is literally located at the rider’s fingertips, is always at the ready and gives the rider the ability to get power to all four wheels at a moments notice.

A CAD-designed chassis compliments the new IRS nicely and gives the Kodiak 450 a further advantage on the trail thanks to its superior handling characteristics, light steering and tight turning radius. Helping to bring the hard-charging Kodiak 450 to an abrupt stop if needed are hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear of the machine.

A newly designed seat aids in the comfort department when it comes to those all-day excursions, while full-sized floorboards and oversized fenders keep the dirt on the ground and not on the rider. Racks featuring a Duragrip finish boast 264 lbs. total carrying capacity (88 lbs. front, 176 lbs. rear), can accommodate anything from tools to a picnic lunch, and a towing capacity of more than 1,100 lbs. means what won’t fit on the integrated racks can be hauled via a center-mounted hitch in the rear. Finally, an automotive-style DC outlet comes standard for powering up portable electronic devices.

Improved ride comfort and increased off-road capability represent a “win-win” situation for the utility customer. Add a bulletproof engine to the mix and the Kodiak 450 takes the cake, not to mention most any hill you put in front of it.

For more information on Yamaha’s products, call (714) 761-7417, or check out


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