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Alumina™: Leupold’s New Way of Looking at Hunting and Shooting

Hunting Gear - Leupold

Hunting Gear - Leupold has created a new way of looking at hunting and shooting with the introduction of Alumina™, a thread-on accessory system for Leupold Golden Ring riflescopes. Alumina accessories utilize available light to the best advantage and protect optics from dirt, rain and rough handling during transport. They can also be stacked together as dictated by field conditions or personal preference.

“The Alumina concept is innovative yet simple,” said Mike Slack, Leupold’s marketing communications manager. “It’s all about adapting to different conditions common to hunting and shooting. When the ambient light isn’t what you need, thread on the appropriate Alumina Intensifier™ and change the way you look at the world. If it’s raining, thread on the Alumina RainCote™ lens protector and like a raincoat, take it off when the rain stops. And when it’s time to pack up and move, thread on Alumina protective lens covers or flip-back lens covers for added protection.”

Alumina accessories include the following Intensifiers and Optimizer™:

• Intensifier YL™ (Yellow) – brightens a dull image on a cloudy day, darkens soft gray shadows for better contrast, delivers a crisp black edge on target outlines and bullet holes in paper, and makes game animals easier to spot from cover on bright, hazy days.

• Intensifier OG™ (Orange) – coupled with the Optimizer, provides the most significant game contrast improvement in late morning through early afternoon lighting, especially on bright, cloudy days.

• Intensifier BZ™ (Bronze) – amplifies the differences between foliage and game animals, and makes white targets (such as those used in silhouette competitions) stand out against the background.

Optimizer OP™ – works alone or when stacked with Intensifiers to magnify their effects; improves contrast between the red-tone color common in game animal coats and the surroundings, makes timber look sharper so animal shapes are easier to identify and increases contrast of black targets against a natural background.

The Intensifier OG, Intensifier BZ and Optimizer OP are available only in the Alumina Intensifier Kit, which also includes the IS-Stacker, a compact, durable storage device for the other kit components. The Intensifier YL is sold separately.

Other Alumina accessories:

• Threaded lens covers to protect optics from scratches and debris.

• Flip-back lens covers to protect against the elements while keeping the riflescope ready for action at a moment’s notice. They are clockable so the user can index the open cover anywhere on the scope. The covers also fold back to lie almost flat against the scope’s objective lens and eyepiece – making them less prone to get in the way and preserving a more streamlined look when open.

• Rubber eyepiece guard to protect the shooter against recoil on extreme shooting angles. Also shades the eyepiece to improve viewing comfort.

• Lens shades which can be threaded together to create custom lengths.

• 50-foot focus adapter designed for gallery shooting.

• RainCote Kit which includes RainCote water-shedding lens protectors for both objective lenses and eyepieces. Like a raincoat, they can be donned or removed as weather conditions dictate. A special coating on the RainCote lens protectors causes water to instantly shed off lens surfaces, reducing glare from water droplets as well as water spot staining. The kit also includes an Alumina IS-Stacker, a compact, protective storage device for the other kit components. Alumina accessories fit 50mm, 42mm, 40mm, 36mm, 33/32mm, 28mm and 20mm threaded objective lenses on 2004 and newer Leupold riflescopes. Eyepiece accessories fit any Leupold standard or Ultralight eyepieces made in 2004 and later. Pre-2004 riflescopes can be retrofitted with the proper threading at a reduced cost with the purchase of an Alumina Intensifier Kit. See Leupold’s Web site for other fit information.

For more information, contact a local Leupold dealer or Leupold & Stevens, Inc., P.O. Box 688, Beaverton, OR 97075-0688; (503) 526-1400 – phone; (503) 352-7621 – fax. Or, go to To locate a Leupold dealer, call (800) 929-4949.

About Leupold

Leupold & Stevens, Inc., the only prominent American-owned and -operated optics company, employs more than 600 people in its state-of-the-art Beaverton, Ore., facility where rugged, dependable, high-performance sports optics have been designed, machined and assembled since 1907. A fifth-generation, family-owned company, Leupold is the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence 2004 Manufacturer of the Year. The company’s product line includes rifle, handgun and spotting scopes; binoculars; mounting systems; and optical tools and accessories. Leupold products are sold worldwide to hunters, wildlife observers, competitive shooters, law enforcement officers and special operations military personnel.


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