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YUM Wounded Mega Tube Provokes 'Vicious' Smallmouth Bite

Fishing Gear - Yum

Fishing Gear - After recent wet weather and dipping temperatures, professional angler and smallmouth bass expert Jimmy Mason of Rogersville, Al., turned to the New YUM Wounded Mega Tube to trigger bites. The YUM Wounded Mega Tube has a "blood red" tail that represents wounded prey. The Wounded Mega Tube is charged with heavy salt to make the bait irresistible to big bass.

"With all the rain we had this fall, I've been using the YUM Wounded Mega Tube in the tailraces and in the eddies of current on the Tennessee River ," Mason said. "It's just got more visibility in dirty water. I'll fish it with a 3/16- to 1/4-ounce weight depending on current."

Mason prefers to drag a Wounded Melon Neon or Wounded Pumpkin tube behind the boat -- like he would fish live bait -- letting the bait tick the bottom.

"I use 8-pound Silver Thread Fluorocarbon because it sinks," Mason said. "I let out just enough line to keep the bait barely ticking the bottom. If you let out too much line, you get hung up."

Mason said what makes the Wounded Mega Tube really irresistible to big bass is the Live Prey Technology that goes into every tube.

YUM starts a feeding frenzy because it's the only fish attractant with natural shad enzymes plus salt impregnation for even more fish attracting power.

The Live Prey Technology (LPT) behind YUM simulates the release of live baitfish enzymes, which trigger feeding habits of bass. University research studies show that injured or distressed baitfish give off recognizable enzymes that trigger the feeding habits of predator gamefish.

Predator gamefish such as largemouth and smallmouth bass have an excellent sense of smell -- much more sensitive than that of a human. Because water is 800 times more dense than air, odors remain suspended for a much longer time. A fish's chemoreceptor organs are in constant use, detecting odors from possible food sources and also serving as protection from negative odors.

"The strikes from the smallmouth on the YUM Wounded Tube are vicious," Mason said. "The largest smallmouth I've caught so far weighed 6 pounds, 10 ounces.

"Some days you'll catch seven or eight species on it," Mason said. "But you'll catch some really quality smallmouth on it. I think it's the go-to bait any time you have dark-colored water."

Mason also fishes the YUM Wounded Mega Tube at night, flipping around piers and rock points.

"It's very versatile," Mason said. "I can't tell you how hot the bite is right now on that bait."

The YUM Wounded Mega Tube is available in 3- and 4-inch models and comes in six colors -- Wounded Pumpkin, Wounded Melon Neon, Wounded Shad, Wounded Smoke Shad, Wounded Smoke Neon, Wounded Bluegill and Wounded Junebug.

YUM's exclusive formulation keeps the red from bleeding onto the bodies of other baits in the package.

For more information about the YUM Wounded Mega Tube, visit


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