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Leupold FX™ Riflescopes

Hunting Scopes

Leupold® has designed its new line of FX™ riflescopes to set a new standard in fixed power optics for hunting and target shooting. The FX line includes the following models: FX-III 6x42mm, FX-III 12x40mm Adjustable Objective Target, FX-II 2.5x28mm Scout, FX-II 4x33mm and FX-II 6x36mm. FX models have also been added to Leupold’s lines of competition, Ultralight, handgun and rimfire scopes.

“Our FX line is for hunters and shooters who appreciate the ruggedness, accuracy, purity and comparatively light weight of fixed power scopes,” said Mike Slack, Leupold’s marketing communications manager. “Our FX scopes not only offer the functional simplicity and excellent optical performance – in low light or otherwise – for which Leupold is known, but also elegant styling that will look good sitting atop your favorite firearm.”

FX-III scopes feature Leupold’s Index Matched Lens System™. This proprietary lens coating system maximizes light transmission to allow superior target definition, even in low-light conditions. FX-II scopes utilize Leupold’s Multicoat 4® lens system for optimizing image brightness, clarity and contrast.

For precision tuning of windage and elevation, the core FX-III scope models have ¼-MOA finger “click” adjustments while core FX-II scope models have ¼-MOA coin “click” adjustments. On average, an FX scope is about 10 percent lighter than its variable counterpart – a significant number for hunters on the move over rough terrain. Other key features of each riflescope model:

FX-III 6x42mm – well suited for intermediate to long-range shooting, providing ample magnification and a generous field of view (linear field of view, 17 feet at 100 yards or 5.7 meters at 100 meters). Scope weight and length: 11.3 ounces (320.4 grams), 11.9 inches (30.2 centimeters). Reticle options: Duplex®, Heavy Duplex, Wide Duplex, German #4. Available in gloss black or matte black finish.

FX-III 12x40mm Adjustable Objective Target – adjustable objective lens helps deliver the precision and image quality needed for long-range target or varmint shooting. A 3.3 mm exit pupil helps deliver a bright image. Scope weight and length: 13.5 ounces (382.7 grams), 13 inches (33 centimeters). Reticle options: Fine Duplex and Leupold Dot. Available in matte black finish.

FX-II 2.5x28mm Scout – ideal for a lever action or scout rifle. With nine to 17 inches of generous, non-critical eye relief, it mounts on the barrel, in front of the receiver. Scope weight and length: 7.5 ounces (212.6 grams), 10.1 inches (25.7 centimeters). The riflescope has a Duplex reticle and is available in matte black or silver finish.

FX-II 4x33mm – suited to a wide variety of shooting sports. Features include ample non-critical eye relief and compact size. At 10.5 inches (26.7 centimeters) in length, it’s short for a 4-power riflescope. Scope weight: 9.3 ounces (263.7 grams). Reticle options: Duplex and Wide Duplex. Available in gloss black or matte black finish.

FX-II 6x36mm – designed for intermediate to long-range shooting, providing ample magnification and a generous field of view (linear field of view, 17.7 feet at 100 yards or 5.9 meters at 100 meters). Scope weight and length: 10 ounces (283.5 grams), 11.4 inches (28.9 centimeters). Reticle options: Duplex, Wide Duplex, Leupold Dot, Post & Duplex. Available in gloss black or matte black finish.

Other key specifications for all core FX riflescope models: • Lockable, fast-focus eyepiece: the eyepiece can be securely locked after the reticle focus is set, so the shooter can instantly be “dialed in” on the target. • Maintube diameter: one inch. • Environmental protection: each scope is designed to be fully waterproof, shockproof and fog proof.

FX riflescopes are backed by Leupold’s Full Lifetime Guarantee. For more information, contact a local Leupold dealer or Leupold & Stevens, Inc., P.O. Box 688, Beaverton, OR 97075-0688; (503) 526-1400 – phone; (503) 352-7621 – fax. Or, go to To locate a Leupold dealer, call (800) 929-4949.


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