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Expanded 2005 Pays Program To Air On Today's Bowhunter

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The 2005 Pays Program has expanded and increased the cash payout available to shooters across the nation. Winners will be featured on upcoming episodes of Today’s Bowhunter, airing on The Outdoor Channel in the 2005 season. The 2004 PSE Pays and Carbon Force Pays programs have been a big success. PSE has paid back over $88,000 directly to shooters who have participated and competed at some of the top tournaments nationwide. The 2005 Pays Program has increased the cash payout at some of America’s most challenging tournaments.

There will be an increase in the number of participating tournaments from ten to fifteen National Tournaments.

For 2005, The Pays Program will under go a few changes. There will be an increase in the number of participating tournaments to 15 National Tournaments, to include ASA, IBO and NFAA Nationally Sanctioned Tournaments.

The increase will include new pay out totals for the top eight Bow Pays and Carbon Force™ winners at each of the sponsored tournaments. The new totals are nearly an increase of over $10,000.

The expanded Pays Program will have two main categories; each awarding monies to the 1st through 8th place winners. The first category is any shooter using Carbon Force™ arrows and the other category is for archers shooting PSE Archery bows, Browning Archery bows, and Archery Research bows.

- A Bonus of $300.00 will be offered to the highest finishing archer shooting specific 2005 PSE, Archery Research and Browning Archery Bows. This is the first year the bonus has been offered.

- A Bonus of $150.00 will be offered to the highest finishing archer for shooting specific 2005 Carbon Force Arrows.

The 2005 Pays Program will continue with a cash payout for the Bowhunters class at the sponsored IBO tournaments. This is the third year PSE Archery will be awarding money to this class.

- Winners will be announced online and will appear in upcoming episodes of Today’s Bowhunter.

Jonathan Shepley, PSE Marketing Director, states, “we are very excited about the 2005 Pays Program. We are looking forward to rewarding our loyal shooters and driving participation to the tournaments that we are sponsoring during the 2005 season.”

It is easy to be part of the 2005 Pays Program! Tournament contestants will simply register with The Today’s Bowhunter Tournament Coordinator in the PSE Archery, Browning Archery, or Archery Research booth at each tournament and have their equipment verified prior to turning in their scorecard. All entrants shooting factory PSE Archery, Archery Research, or Browning Archery manufactured bows and/or Carbon Force™ arrows will be eligible. Please visit the 2005 Pays Program informational web page at for more participation details.

For more information on this program visit your local PSE Archery, Browning Archery, or Archery Research dealer or log on to, www.browningarchery. com, or


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