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Glendel Full Rut 3-D Target - Bigger Is Better


Hunting- Field Logic, the maker of the BLOCKô, continues to set the standard in innovative archery targets with the new GlenDel Buck Full Rut Target. Carefully designed and sculpted by renowned wildlife artist, Mike Carlson, the GlenDel Buck Full Rut sports a Boone & Crockett 150-inch rack and stands 37 inches at the shoulder, towering over other 3-D hunting targets on the market. Additionally, the GlenDel Buck Full Rut hunting target is the only 3-D target currently on the market to offer a 4-sided shooting insert.

The encapsulated layered foam insert provides 4-sided shooting ability, allowing a long life as well as three different vital views from the most popular shooting angles. This hunting target is for the serious bowhunter and shows the location of the hunting shot vitals from three different shots, broadside, quartering away and from a 20-foot treestand at 20 yard hunting shot. The angle of impact for a good vital hunting shot changes as the deer moves and this hunting target allows the archer to practice hunting shot placement for three of the most popular hunting angles.

The PosiLock Compression Systemô, exclusive to Field Logic, holds the internal open layers in place and eliminates any slivering. The GlenDel Full Rut hunting target, like all BLOCK targets, offers easy arrow removal for hunting broadheads, expandables, field tips and even crossbow bolts. In fact, the GlenDel Full Rut hunting target arrow removal is up to 3.4 times easier than other 3-D hunting targets. Additionally, the oversized insert, measuring 12x12-inch provides a versatile, larger target area.

This larger, more realistic 3-D hunting target from Field Logic provides bow hunters with self-healing surfaces surrounded by open, unglued layers, which stop arrows with friction instead of force. The four-sided shooting capability of the GlenDel Full Rut hunting target adds to the exceptionally long life of the hunting target and the four unique target faces allow the archer to replicate different shot angles and hunting situations.

The GlenDel Full Rut hunting target is easy to set up. It comes equipped with a custom Full Rut Stand. There is no pounding of stakes. For convenience and easy storage, the GlenDel Full Rut head easily removes for compact storage.

This new realistic 3-D hunting target with a 4-sided shooting insert is available at sporting goods stores nationwide, hunting pro shops or conveniently online at

Field Logic, Inc., the leader in state-of-the-art archery targets and hunting accessories, is headquartered in Superior, Wisconsin. For additional information on Field Logic please write to 101 Main Street, Superior, WI 54880, call toll-free 1-800-282-4868 or visit the interactive Web site at Hunting & Fishing Gear Review for the latest in bow hunting equipment and gear reviews.


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