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Camovision Eyewear-You Can See Out, Game Can't See In.


CAMOVISION™ Eye Wear utilizes state-of-the-art technology which bonds camouflage patterns to the lenses without interfering with the hunters ability to see or obstruct the field of vision.

Now, for the first time ever, you will enter the field not having to worry about spooking game because they saw your eyes. With CAMOVISION™ Eye Wear you can keep your eyes where you need them, on target!

Now Available! "Clip & Flip" & RX Inserts CAMOVISION™ Eye Wear utilizes state-of-the-art technology which bonds camouflage patterns to the lenses without interfering with the hunters ability to see or obstruct the field of vision.

Now, for the first time ever, you will enter the field not having to worry about spooking game because they saw your eyes. With CAMOVISION™ Eye Wear you can keep your eyes where you need them, on target! Now Available! "Clip & Flip" & RX Inserts.

Product Information & Facts Ask any hunter how important good, effective camouflage is to the success of any hunt and the reply will be unanimous. Camouflage is absolutely essential! The only problem was, little thought had ever been given to one of the most important aspects of effective camouflage.

The eyes, may indeed be ‘The windows to the soul’, but for the hunter they present three other, major problems.

1. Man is a predator and like all predators our eyes are positioned in the front of the head as opposed to the side of the head placement of prey animals. This placement allows us to focus and gauge depth but also makes us an easily recognizable threat.

2. Man is the only animal, besides the moose, in the woods with whites in our eyes. Again, this is easily detected, making man an easily recognizable threat to prey game.

3. Although a hunter is capable of remaining still, the eyes are constantly moving. In fact, we move our eyes more than any other part of our body.

CAMOVISION™ Eye Wear solves these problems by expertly hiding the eyes behind a camouflaged lens. The wearer can see out, but nothing can see in. The result is total, complete, effective camouflage.

Available Camo Patterns: SuperFlage Game By Lynch Mossy Oak - Shadow Branch Mossy Oak - Break-up Woodlands Classic Camo Montana Camo - Ghost Ridge Montana Camo - Prairie Ghost Moth Wing Camo - Marsh Moth Moth Wing Camo - Timber Moth

Available From


Savage Arms Announces Youth Upgrade Offer

Press Release

Savage Arms, Inc. announces a new youth upgrade offer with the purchase of any Savage rimfire youth model Cub, Mark I GY or Mark II GY rifle. The offer is effective July 2003, and presents purchasers with $20.00 cash back and a free Savage t-shirt when they upgrade to a Savage centerfire model. Look for coupon on specially marked youth models. Here are the details of the program:

Offer is valid to consumers only Original owner has 5 years after buying qualified Savage rimfire youth model to purchase a Savage centerfire rifle Simply provide youth coupon, proof of purchase and UPC labels for both Savage youth and centerfire models and mail to: Savage Arms, 118 Mountain Road, Suffield, CT, 06078, Attention: Youth Upgrade Offer


Mann's Bait Company is proud to announce the newest addition to its popular line of shallow crankbaits, The Baby 8-.

Press Release

The new Baby 8- has the identical size, noise and fish actching abilities as its tournament winning predecessors, the Baby 1- and the Baby 4-.

The Baby 8- utilizes a slightly longer lip than the Baby 4-. This new lip allows the Baby 8- to dive to a depth of just under 8 feet and gives it the ability to be fished through structure with reduced hang-ups.

Designed for covering a lot of water in a hurry, The Baby 8- casts great into the wind, runs true at all retrieve speeds, and the special shape of the lip makes it bounce off stumps, logs, and treetops while providing added protection for the hooks.

The Baby 8- is available now and is offered in 10 proven fish-catching colors.


Size: 2 1/2 inches Weight: 1/4 ounce Hooks: 1 size 4 and 1 size 6

Order quantity: Minimum 6 per color. Packaging: Card and blister Features: A. Same fish-catching action and sound as Baby 1- and Baby 4- B. Special lip design bounces off structures C. Dives down to 8 feet D. 10 proven top-selling colors


Martin Archery-Phantom II Target-Pounding Accuracy in a Hunting Bow

Press Release

You may not need world-class accuracy to hunt with, but ain’t it great knowing it’s there! If we demand the best out of our target bows, its only natural to expect the same in our hunting bows.

In fact, the bow that a hunter might buy is the same bow that may be shooting a National Championship.

Do it all, and go anywhere Newly redesigned, the Phantom II is the bow of the future. It’s a great target bow. It’s a great hunting bow. Sleek new lines and stiff new frame make the Phantom II the bow to have this season.

Peak Speed 310 FPS Let-Off 75% (optional 65%) Draw Weights 50#, 60#, 70# Mass Weight 3 lb. 7 oz.


Eagle Introduces New Intellimap 320 GPS Mapping System

Press Release

The IntelliMap™ 320 is a new world-class, stand-alone Eagle® GPS+WAAS mapping system. It's 320 x 320 high-resolution display provides fantastic mapping detail. And the IntelliMap™ 320 is so smart, it displays MapCreate, Navionics, and HotMaps mapping!


5" (12.7 cm) diagonal screen Film SuperTwist LCD High-definition 320x320 resolution Backlit screen and keypad 16-level grayscale GPS+WAAS:

12-parallel channel GPS reception with fast satellite lock-ons, precise tracking, and position updates every second Selectable on/off WAAS reception for enhanced position accuracy to 3 m (under 10 ft) at select locations Digitally record/play GPS trip details and display custom mapping with optional, reusable compact Multi-Media Cards (MMC) or Secure Digital (SD) memory cards. One waterproof slot for instantly-expandable memory using a single 8MB-128MB card. All-new, built-in Eagle® background map with enhanced detail of the continental U.S. and Hawaii.

Over 60,000 critical navaids and 10,000 wrecks and obstructions in coastal and Great Lakes waters Metro areas, select major streets/highways, interstate exit services details, and more inland navigation details included High-speed screen updates Optional GPS Mapping Accessories Pack with MapCreate™ CD software that:

Lets you create unlimited, custom, detailed maps on MMC or SD memory cards Includes unique, searchable database of streets, addresses, and over 700,000 Point-of-Interest (POI) to easily find/identify marinas, restaurants, airports, emergency services, and more Saves up to 1,000 waypoints, 1,000 event markers, and 100 routes (up to 100 waypoints/route) 10 savable plot trails with up to 10,000 points per trail 42 graphic icons to mark your favorite spots 37 map zoom ranges - from 0.05 to 4,000 miles - with easy zoom-in/out control Selectable on/off GPS alarms: Off Course, Arrival, and Anchor Compatible with optional Navionics® Charts and HotSpots™ electronic charts on MMC cards


Internal back-up memory keeps stored GPS data and settings safe and accessible for years Completely sealed and waterproof, even for use in harsh saltwater environments Full one-year warranty

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews

Bass Pro

Crankin' Stick Casting Rod

Fishing Rods

$59.99 at the Bass Pro Shops just a full moon back.

When I rear back on this kid it sets the bait like nothing I've ever seen before. I'm not just setting the hook I'm planting it for next year. There are a lot of big bass out there that will testify to that. The best part of all is the tip is as loose as my buddies sister. All three of my fishing partners are talking about getting one for them selves. They've watched me catch some of the biggest fish they've ever saw with this rod.

BPS doesn't offer them in a heavier weight than the Medium action. Big mistake on their part. I guess other fisherman out there just don't catch the size of fish I do. The guys down in the yard said I should be fishing for a living. I guess it's just a gift I have.

It's well made, I'll probably get a good year out of it before it gives in. Most rods I've owned give in after half a season just from some of the fights they have to go through.

I do good with any rod I have. I'm sure this one helps a little. You just have to know how to land them. A few nights back I caught one that would have broken most rods. Some of the guys who were congratulating me said it was one of the biggest they ever saw. I told them I'd say it was middle of the road.


Eric E.

Rivers Edge

Deluxe Action Ladder Stand

Tree Stands

I bought the unit off of Discount Hunting just a few months back. I'm pshyced for this upcoming season although it's not coming fast enough.

This is my first ladder stand and although it won't move as easily as a portable, it's not permanent like a home made job. I can't tell you how many times I've built a permanent stand only wishing I had moved a few feet this way, or that way. The unit it self seems very well constructed and don't let me forget that padded seat if you know what I mean.

Since I've been moving mine quite a bit during scouting missions it gets pretty heavy after a while. I'm drenched in sweat every time I have to move it. So far that's the only thing I don't like about it.

It has some flex to it which scared me at first so I gave it a good workout by doing my best to flex it, but it held strong.

It's a nice little unit at a price that's tough to beat. I may just upgrade in a couple of years to one of those deluxe jobs, but for the time being this is great for me.


Standing Tall


Ugly Stik

Fishing Rods

My Son found this one by the river we fish. It's in almost new condition. I took it off his hands one day and never looked back.

I've been using an Ugly Stik since the early 90's. These things are incredible. I do a lot of Carp fishing and if you've ever caught a big you know they are putting up a fight. I never miss a night of fishing in the Summer months and these things stand up to the use and abuse better than any I've had before.

What happened to the old cork handles they had years ago. These foam handles are on everything these days. All they do is collect grease and smell.

Other than that handle there this one seems really well made. I just couldn't resist the other night after getting a snag I just about bent it in half just to see what it would do and it held stronger than a pitbull.

I don't know a lot about other rods and reels anymore, but these are really tough rods that will stand up to about anything. Buy something for you and you'll never be sorry.


Willy Sr.


Game Cam 2 Game Camera

Trail Cameras

I was about to buy one of the real good game cameras when I spotted this in a Wal-mart ad. I decided why buy one of them when I can buy four of these and cover many of the hot spots on the farm I hunt. I saw them online at Wal-Mart for $98.00 just the other day.

It has an infrared device triggered by heat that allows it to take pictures at night. The best part about that is it puts the time on the picture so if old boy is visiting the scrape before day light I won't waste my time on him. Hopefully one of the other cameras will catch him at a scraped during daylight hours. There is also an adjustable delay time between pictures which I have set for it's fastest setting.

Their not the clearest pictures in the world, but they definitely get their point across. I was chewing up film like mad and am now buying the cheapest I can get and the pictures aren't much different at all.

I think it's sealed pretty well and with the rain we recently had in Kansas none of the moisture got in. The housing or cage is made out of indestructible plastic so that's one less thing to worry about.

I feel like I got three for the price of one. You wouldn't believe some of the pictures I've got. The best thing about them is I belong to a Sportsman's lodge and now when I tell my stories I can just reach in my pocket and show anyone who doesn't believe.


Al V. Ottawa, KS


Hot Water on Demand

Camping Appliances

This is one of the best devices ever invented. We've been out twice with it now and it makes all the difference in my Girlfriends eyes on camping. The facility we stay at has water it just takes 20 minutes to get it up to luke warm and that's about as good as it gets from there. I spotted it on the Coleman site and she insisted we have it before she went out again. A month later and I couldn't live without it.

The Coleman truly does everything as advertized all off the propane tank. There's no more waiting for the water to somewhat boil. Before you turn around it's starting to pum put hot water. She can have her hot chocolate and I can wolf down a healthy breakfast of Oddles of Noodles. The battery on the pump is rechargeable which is also good for the bucket. Too bad they don't make propane rechargeable.

The only think that disappointed me was the accessories don't come with it. They should at least throw in the standard campsite hose fitting. If you're spending $179 what's a few more bills to get the machine perfect.

I live camping and always trust Coleman. If they make it, I probably have it, or have it on my wish list. This item is no different-well made and will stay in good shape given reasonable care.

Great item to add to your arsenal, meals don't take as long as before this invention. I love the outdoors, although don't always want to have to rough it. This little item helps bridge the gap between the two. Now if they'd only make a portable satellite dish so I could get all the games on Saturday and Sunday. I'm sure someone is already working on it !! Great site, keep adding the camping gear and I'll be a regular.


Bill McCullough MN


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