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Trailmaster's Active Infrared Trail Camera


TrailMaster’s TM1550 is a Second Generation two-piece active infrared trail monitoring system which uses an invisible infrared beam across the trail between the transmitter and receiver. (150 ft./45 m. range)

The infrared energy is transmitted as a wide beam from the transmitter, and received in a small 3/8" diameter window on the receiver. The only part of the transmitted beam which is sensitive to being broken is the narrow 3/8" beam which is received by the receiver. See Figure 1 below. By setting the beam at the chest height of the animal you wish to monitor, and controlling the length of time the beam must be blocked before it registers as an event, you can count only the animals you want, and ignore other animals or objects which pass through the beam.

This patented TrailMaster system provides a monitor which is easy to align, but one with selective sensitivity to allow you to monitor for movement of specific game. The TM1550 Second Generation two-piece active infrared trail monitor and its accessories are the standard by which all other trail monitors are measured.

Two piece Active infrared technology sets the standard in trail monitoring technologies. Each time an animal passes through the infrared beam, the event is recorded by date and time to the minute. This event information is stored in the TM1550’s non-volatile memory. If the optional TM35-1 Camera Kit is attached, the TM1550 system can also take a photograph of the animal as it breaks the beam.

The TM1550 lets you record and store more than 1000 events. With the TrailMaster TM1550 you can collect event information and take photographs which will show patterns of game movement and prevent drawing incorrect conclusions based on a small number of events.

Uses an invisible active infrared light beam

Can be easily set for specific game

Records date and time to the minute of each event

Can store over 1000 events

Distance between transmitter and receiver can be up to 150 feet (45m)

Non-Volatile memory *

Password protected *

Advanced camera controls *

Operates 8 month to a 1 year on C-cell batteries*

Compact, rugged, and easy to set up

Accepts optional accessories (TM35-1&camera kit, TM Multi- CameraTrigger II,TM24 Portable printer or TM Data Collector and TM StatPack for data analysis

Weather-proof (Temp. range: -40°F / -40°C. to 130°F / 55°C)

Receiver 7.5 x 3.5 x 2.1 inches (10ounces**)

Transmitter 4.75 x 3.25 x 1.8 inches (17ounces**)

* NEW FEARURES ON THE TM1550 **Without batteries


Steiner launches new 25 power spotting binoculars-New 25x80 Observer will offer high-end features.

Press Release

MOORESTOWN, N.J. – Set for delivery, the new 25x80 Observer will be Steiner’s most powerful binocular.

The binoculars will offer Steiner’s fully multi-coated optics with BaK4 prisms encased in a water resistant, shock proof body.

Features include attractive black rubber armoring and included tripod mount . Steiner’s wrap-around style, profiled eye cups will also be included. Ideal for long distance viewing and Astronomy, the 25x80 feature superb brightness and image detail.

Weight will be just under 60 ounces. Price is expected to be around $600.


Sig Arms Introduces Operation Iraqi Freedom CommemorativeClassic Compact Size 229-40-IRC

Press Release

SIGARMS is proud to honor the men and women who served during Operation Iraqi Freedom with a limited edition commemorative P229 .40 S&W with 24 KT gold engraving.

Only 2003 units will be manufactured. Each unit is numbered 1 of 2003. Each handgun features laser etching with Operation Iraqi Freedom engraved on the slide's right side and an American flag engraved on top of the slide. SIGARMS will donate a portion of the proceeds to the USO to help the families of our brave soldiers. The USO, "Proudly Serving The Men & Women Who Serve Our Country," relies solely on the generosity of the general public. The Operation Iraqi Freedom handgun is available through your local dealer.


Mojo High Performance Weight Systems-The New Rock Hopper


The NEW PATENT PENDING Rock Hopper weight design developed by Mojo Lure Co. was specifically designed for fishing rock structures. Its unique design allows this weight to be nearly Snag free.

The Rock Hopper excels in Snag less fishing when being cast and retrieved in areas heavily blanked with vast amounts of rock. The Mojo Rock Hopper performs admirably in these weight snagging areas: Rip Rap shore lines (Rocky), Dam Walls, Retainers with pilings, Rock bottoms, isolated hard bottom structures, heavy cover (including Trees and Limbs) and major erratic unforgiving hard bottom where other weights don’t stand a chance."

The Rock Hopper weight is computer designed with a cross-casted line bore at one end of the long cylindrical weight with a small angle incorporated into the bore. The line bore is also strategically placed in an ideal position at the cone end of the weight. Thanks to this design, it allows the Rock Hopper to glide over solid bottom debris.

The weight stands in a straight up, near vertical position while dragging this rig through the worst cover and structure. Its design also allows the fishing line to lift the head of the weight over obstructions without any frontal contact of the sinker.

The leader line and rigged hook, with your favorite offering, develop enough resistance to assist in holding the weight in a vertical position and compliment the cross bore rigging method. This weight is designed to pivot and adjust its degree of camber angle for ultimate performance, while it is pulled through various obstructions.

The Rock Hoppers design allows this New weight to be versatile in all bottom composite fishing conditions and situations. The design makes it very difficult to get the sinker snagged and hung permanently, causing the rig to be broken off. Since it stands up vertically, if it does snag, you have a real good chance of freeing the weight by shaking your fishing rod vigorously with slack line. Also because it's mounted vertically instead of horizontally, (inline) like most sinkers on the market today, the weight is forced up and out of the snag, instead of into to the snag, allowing the weight to be released from the obstruction. The weight can be Carolina rigged by use of a #10- 30 lb swivel as the sinker stop, allowing the weight to slide. It can also be pegged with Mojo’s Sinker Stop tool and rubber, allowing the weight to be slid on the line to give the angler desired leader length, without damage to the line. Two or three individual strands will be sufficient depending on weight and line size.

The Rock Hopper system is also extremely efficient in Texas rigging, when fishing where the old bullet constantly snags. Preferably as a sliding sinker, but it can also be pegged when needed thanks to Mojo’s Sinker Stop Tool and rubber kit, for applications such as, pitchin' and flippin' tree limbs and rock cover.

The Rock Hopper is ideal for using in front of a floating or neutral buoyant crankbait that just won’t get to the depths where the Big Boys reside. The Rock Hopper can be pegged on the line with rubber or you can use a small swivel as the weight stop. You can play with the leader length between the weight and the crankbait to obtain desired results. Mojo recommends using a Luhr Jensen Patent Pending KlawDad, a crawdad design crankbait, which is ideal for this fishing method in rock and cover. The KlawDad wiggles and makes plenty of noise that resembles the Real Deal. Luhr Jenson offers these baits in some realistic crawdad, fish-catching colors along with a variety of other productive hard baits that they produce and market.

The Rock Hopper has been creating numerous testimonials from all anglers that have purchased and used this New weight system. Its effectiveness is incredible! The ratio of casts and retrieves over most other weights available today, in this bottom environment is 75/1. Yes, seventy-five casts, One loss on an average, without loss of the weight over the current weight you are using. Unless of coarse, it’s a MOJO. Testimonials also revealed include, I USED THE SAME WEIGHT ALL DAY! (Unbelievable). Become a BELIEVER. Give it a vigorous work out! Its Guaranteed!

Stop re-RIGGIN' and keep on FISHIN'!


2004 Lamiglas Fly Rods Ready for Action.

Press Release

Woodland, WA USA. Lamiglas, Inc. has completed extensive research and development on its new fly rod offerings for the 2004 season. Seventeen new models, including two entirely new lines, and numerous cosmetic and component changes have evolved to create the most comprehensive line of fly rods in decades.

Traveler Series The all-new 4 pc. "Traveler Series" rods were created to fill the need for an extremely affordable, supremely qualified travel fly rod. Priced to retail around $150, buyers will be hard pressed to find anything remotely comparable. The series includes five models in 8'6" to 9' lengths and 5 wt. to 9 wt. line designations. Featured are forest green blanks and wraps, quality cork and hardware and Lifetime Limited Warranties. Travel tube included.

Appalachian Travel Series The new Appalachian Travel Series were late comers to the party last year and didn't make the catalogs but were strong sellers none the less. Three new models are added for 2004, a 6' 3 wt., 8' 6 wt. and 8' 6" 5 wt. will round out this "shorter" length series of rods. All models are 3 pc. for ease in travel. Travel tube included

Ti2000 Lamiglas' premium line of Ti2000 Fly rods will get upgraded REC titanium finished reel seats and cosmetically enhanced and functionally superior fighting butts. Travel tube included.

Esprit and Esprit Travel These models now feature single foot and traditional RECoil snap back snakes instead of the Fuji Concept Alconite (ceramic) sold last season. New improved REC reel seats and fighting butts will be found on the appropriate models. Travel tube included.

Grande Bluewater The 2004 Grande Bluewater rods feature improved casting actions and a new cosmetic facelift, such as high gloss black spigot ferruled blanks, Ice Blue under wraps and black over wraps, quality cork and machined grade 3 anodized reel seats (with gimbal on 15 wt.) These are the only real game in town for a true big game fly rod. Travel tube included.

Spey Two new 6 pc. travel Spey Rods with faster actions are available for 2004, they feature high gloss metallic burgundy finishes, custom wood barreled reel seats, beautiful wraps and quality hardware throughout. At around $500 these are great modern styled high performance oriented Spey rods. A 12'9" for 8/ 9 wt. lines and a 14' for 10/11 wt. lines will cover most fishing situations. Travel tube included.

Brush Creek Travel Now only available in a three pc. Design, Brush Creek Travel rods have hot new black fiberglass/graphite composite blanks, forest green wraps with metallic green inlays. These rods will now move to faster actions due to the small amount of graphite added to the blanks. Travel tube included.

G1000 Two and four pc. G1000 models now feature hand polished natural graphite shafts and new wood barreled reel seats on 4 through 6 wt. rods while 7 through 10 wt. models have machined grade 2 anodized reel seats. They also now have faster and lighter feeling in hand due to the modern design characteristics. Travel tube available on 4 pc. models only.

G200 Attractive new cosmetic changes highlight the G200 rods for 2004. High gloss deep blue blanks, blue wraps with metallic ice blue inlays and darker rosewood reel seat inserts. All models are two pc. and available in 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 wts. for the budget conscious angler…at about $80 these are an outstanding value.

Contact: John Posey 1-360-225-9436 (Fax) 1-360-225-5050 [email protected]

Lamiglas, Inc 1400 Atlantic, PO Box 1000 Woodland, WA 98674 USA

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews

Trail Sense Engineering

Trail Mac Deer Camera

Trail Cameras

I looked at a couple of trail cameras in the stores and was ready to buy the problem was I didn't have a lot of confidence in any of them. I decided to do some research on the web when I ran across the Trail Mac Game Camera. After reading their literature I was sold and went all out and bought two instead of the one I originally planned on.

I'm in marketing and quickly realized this company was building their product and firm for the long haul. I'm sure lots of cameras are being bought this reason, but it won't be long until guys are sharing stories about how this one and that one fizzled out. Word of mouth spreads fast especially after a few beers. The camera was designed for being outside and not for sunny days either. The literature states the battery life is extra long and you should get a full three months out of it which for me is the scouting season. There's a quality Cannon camera inside with a flash unit that is reviewed very well on regular cameras. The units are tough and made for work, I'm very impressed with them to date.

The makers should offer bulk buy discounts in my case a little discount for buying two wouldn't hurt, but if a group of guys wanted to get together and buy them all the better this would lower the price for everyone and make more profit for them. Right now they need to get their name out there, for everyone. Also, they should nake the unit in gray, black isn't bad, but sticks out when put against a gray tree especially once fall hits.

I'm tough on my purchases. I make a lot and spend a lot and expect quality. It's only been a few weeks since I bought them and I'm already satisified with the quality. Time will tell, but for me to be impressed early is a good sign.

If you are preparing to buy look up the Trail Mac Game Camera. You'll be impressed. Camera checking day is like Christmas all over again. I grab the film drive like a mad man closer to my home where there's a one hour photo. All in all it's a lot of fun.


J. Murawski


Digital Camtrakker

Trail Cameras

I recently came into some money and decided to spend some on myself for once with the kids doing alright. I wouldn't want my wife to know that the total damage here is around $650.00.

Well it's digital which means I can see my pictures right after I get to my site rather than going to my site, taking the film out, taking it to Ritz and then paying for a bunch of pictures of squirells or coon. The digital camera allows me to view and delete the pictures I don't like right there.

Cost is my first concern, you have to admit $650.00 plus a few accessories is a nice chunk, especially when you add a memory card which allows you to quickly switch out cards. My second concern is what if somebody steals it, I'm checking with my insurance company to see if this will be covered under my home owners policy. Who knows, it just might be.

No doubt it's well made and would have to be to hold such a nice camera inside. My neighbor has the same camera and he said it received real good reviews everywhere he checked.

I really like this setup and providing it's not stolen, or a tree falls on it I'm going to be real happy for a long time to come. I have a family reunion coming up and right beforehand I will go up and take the digital camera out to take pictures. No one will ever know it's actually my best deer hunting device as the camera is the same one you'd buy at the store.


I Borrowed It Honey


Value Series 5517 Gun Safe

Gun Safes

I caught it at an estate sale for $300 almost brand new. I had originally gone to look over some of the guns when I acquired about it. I see them on the Internet for $400 so I wouldn't say I got the best deal in the world/

My wife had been on me for a couple of years now to get the guns locked up. When I was their age I was told never to touch the guns or faces the consequences, but she worries that might not be enough. It's thin enough to put in our townhouse closet putting one more barrier between the little ones and danger. It's not a bad looking unit either. For the next few years it's gonna stay in the closet.

Just a minor complaint is I wish it had a key entry or larger digits. There isn't a lot of light in a closet and find myself holding a flashlight everytime I need in the safe.

At 275 pounds you know she's pretty solid. The door is really thick I guess to keep people from trying to pry it open.

I do feel better now that we have it and am hearing a lot less nagging about the guns. I feel strong we'd never ahve an issue even though it does add a lot of piece of mind and one less thing to worry about each day.





Fishing Reels

Paid about $30 I believe. It was roughly 20 years ago at a local K-Mart (yeah, imagine that) when they used to have the nice outdoors section in their stores. I was looking for a light weight reel to use with an ultra-light rig and this one was a proven performer.

The smoothness of the reel is real bonus. Flawless operation and few snags or other issues really make this unit a joy to own. Plus, as an added bonus, it's very light and works well in an ultralight rig.

The drag adjustment can get a little iffy sometimes, but overall it doesn't take away from the reel.

Construction and quality are first rate. I should have bought 10 of these when I had the chance. I probably wouldn't have needed them, though, as they last forever.

If you can still find one, get one. It's a timeless reel that will provide years of enjoyment, and many coolers full of fish!


Old Uncle Alvin


Infinity Force Baby G

Archery Equipment

I purchased the Baby G Package from Cabelas a year ago 08/30/02 for the package rate at the time in the catalogue. It came fully set up and ready to shoot?? -After putting it together myself and tuning it - It was ready to shoot after about two hours. (Some instructions would have been Nice) If I was a beginner I would have been upset. But it all worked out.

Like isnt the Word I Love it. The only thing is that I failed to install the peep sight right away since I never had one on any of my previous bows and shot accurately , I must say after installing it , my shooting accuracy is UN- believeable. It is Fast AND Accurate. It has minimum vibration despte being a short bow. It shoots flat. I shoot carbon 300 arrows , my draw weight is 65lbs 29 1/2" 12gr field and broadheads. In short it has exceeded my expectations especially for what it cost me.

The only criticism I have is how I recieved the Bow , needing to put it together without the benefit of Instructions was an unpleasant experience to say the least. But as for the Bow itself , it is a great Bow. The only modifications I have made are string silencers , An arrow rest retainer (Since the arrow has a tendancy of falling off the arrow rest at full draw without it) , 2 anti vibration discs , and a string saver since I shoot with a release.

Well made , Lighter than I thought it would be to carry , I hunt in some thick areas , the Short bow being light in weight is extremely advantageous as any hunter who has had to traverse thick wilderness can attest. It is well made. You need to wax the string and check all the Screws as with any bow. I am pleased with it. And I am biased because I shoot so good with it. It is accurate. It is smooth.

The bottom line is that it is a value. The cost as compared to what you receive cannot be beat. To make it perfect - Upgrade the arrow rest. But other than that - it is a great bow. Buy it. And the package from Cabelas makes it a sure winner.




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