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Shimano Chronarch B Series Baitcaster

Fishing Gear Review

Introduced by Shimano in 1993 the Shimano Chronarch has become a true classic reel. After twelve years the Chronarch A remains the choice of reels for many baitcast anglers. As we all know in the last decade there have been dramatic advances in technology, reel designs and materials. Shimano set out to improve the timeless classic the Chronarch and here’s what they’ve come up with.

Since the Chronarch was such a great fishing reel to begin with Shimano’s challenge was to keep the best of the old while at the same time bringing it up to date with today’s technologies. Most important to Shimano was receiving feedback from you the angler as to what they liked about the Chronach and what they want to see improved. The result is today’s Chronarch B.

Shimano Chronarch owners asked for a more durable finish on the reel and Shimano responded with an Ion plated finish which has proven very durable on another of their fishing reels the Stella. The Chronarch was first introduced as a baitcaster, however word soon got out that the fishing reel made a great saltwater flat reel as well. In the reintroduction of the product Shimano introduces three new models the Chronarch: CH-B, CH-BPV and CH-BSV.

Shimano B Series

Shimano Chronarch B

The Chronarch B version is designed for a variety of fishing applications from Bass to Walleye, not requiring a large amount of line capacity. It uses Shimano’s Lo-mass drilled spool system and offers a 6.2:1 high speed reel.

Shimano Chronarch BPV

The Shimano Chronarch BPV is the new power version of the reel and features a 5.0:1 gear ratio and larger grips. The combination of the power grips and 5 to 1 gear ratio make it a great choice for crankin big swimbait all day long.

Shimano Chronarch BSV

The Shimano Chronarch BSV is the saltwater version of the Chronarch featuring a high speed retrieve along with the increased line capacity of the deep spool making it perfect for flat fishing. Shimano has managed to reintroduce this reel offering the best parts of the original Chronarch A combined in the Chronarch B and BPV for Freshwater fishing and the BSV offering the features needed for saltwater fishing.

Shimano states this is one of the most field-tested reels they’ve ever introduced to the fishing market. The prototypes of these fishing reels were used in some of the best fishing spots in America and when the original group of protype was improved they took them out fishing again to improve the Chronarch even further. The result is a classic fishing reel which is sure to become a classic again. This is the ultimate in baitcasting for Bass and Walleye.

The Shimano Chronarch B is currently priced $269.99 at Bass Pro.


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