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Shimano S-Concept Fishing Reels Features

Fishing Gear

Shimano’s S-Concept philosophy represents how they manufacture their fishing reels. That is Smooth, Silent and Strong. Shimano Reels offer Smooth rotation and comfortable retrieve, coupled with excellent drag performance and longer casting distance from the fishing reel, which leads to their smooth, flawless operation.

Silent operation of parts within the reel’s construction represents the attention to tight tolerances, reducing excessive noise and resulting in the silent operation of our fishing reels.

Strong, solid and functional construction leads to powerful torque and durable drivetrains. This gives anglers the strength and confidence they need to battle elusive game fish.

The new sizing of our S-Concept Shimano fishing reels offers anglers a bigger spool and smaller body, resulting in a lighter, more comfortable fishing experience without sacrificing line capacity on the fishing reel.

The end result are fishing reels that offer anglers smooth, silent and strong reels that are designed for years of fishing use. The knowledge of fishing and the minds of Shimano’s engineers have given today’s angler state-of-the-art fishing reels that are ready for any challenge a fisherman can throw at it.

Shimano S-Concept Fishing Reel Features

Super Slow Oscillation® The Super Slow Oscillation system evenly layers line onto the fishing reels spool, reducing the gaps between the line wraps that cause unwanted friction or hang-ups during casting. By laying the line in an extremely tight parallel pattern—when a layer of line is wrapped on top of a lower layer of line—there are no crevices or gaps for the upper layer to embed itself into. When the fishing reel’s bail is open and the reel is cast, the line flows effortlessly off the spool for longer casts than found with a traditional oscillation system. Reels with this feature also come with extra spool support washers to optimize the winding shape based upon line diameter. Slow Oscillation This oscillation system is more advanced than Aerowrap®, which uses a criss-cross line lay to reduce friction of the fishing line. Instead, slow oscillation uses a tightly packed parallel pattern to reduce the chance of the upper layer of line grabbing the lower layer, creating unwanted friction. The result is an evenly shaped line lay, with excellent castability and control. S-Arm Cam Fishing Line slack around the line roller is the main cause of line trouble during casting and retrieving. The S-Arm Cam has a protruding lower surface on the bail arm that helps prevent slack that would lead to line cuts or tangles.

S-Rotor This high precision rotor is compact and lightweight. Designed with 3-D surface modeling software, the S-Rotor ensures a comfortable retrieve of the line.

S-Guard These guards are designed to prevent impact damage to the frame and rotor. Certain guards, depending on location, also feature weep holes to prevent water accumulation within the fishing reel.

S-Finish is a multi-coated treatment that not only produces a beautiful finish, but is more durable than previous finish types.

S-Shield Body Shields at the rotor and handle prevent harmful sand or water from entering the drivetrain of the reel.

S-Bail The flexible and light spring material used for the bail helps to avoid a “bent bail wire” situation which leads to improper bail operation.
Wide Diameter Drive Gear A wide diameter drive gear that is 1.28 times larger than those in previous Shimano spinning fishing reels provides more torque and an easier retrieve.

Direct Drive Mechanism The drive gear is directly attached to the handle, which means power is transmitted more efficiently with less vibration while increasing durability.

Black Almite Super Duralumin Drive Gear The drive gear is made of A7075 series Super Duralumin aircraft grade aluminum alloy for high strength and low weight. It is further coated with a layer of Black Almite, a microscopically thin coating that provides scratch resistance and increased corrosion resistance to saltwater.

Low Wear Rate Pinion Gear The pinion gear has twice the hardness of its predecessors, achieving lower wear rate, more durability and greater longevity.

Stopperless Design means there is no antireverse switch. This means that Stopperless Designed reels offer maximum protection against dust and water intrusion.

Manual Bail Trip Fishing Reels equipped with manual bail trip do not have an auto trip mechanism and the bail must be closed manually. This feature brings added line control during freespool that is imperative to anglers seeking big game.

Maintenance Port The maintenance port is an easily accessed hole strategically located for easy maintenance of the reel. Using a slot-head screwdriver, the rubber sealed plug can be removed from the fishing reel. One drop of lightweight oil or grease can be applied to the drivetrain to prevent corrosion and to protect the smooth retrieve of the reel. Important Note:*** Be sure to not over-lubricate the reel as excessive lubrication can cause the reel to become sluggish. Also, after-market spray lubricants may contain cleaners and degreasers that can actually remove the grease and oil which protect the reel. This may cause premature corrosion or damage to the reel. Before using an after-market lubricant, we recommend that you contact our Customer Service Department at 1-877-577-0600 to be sure it will not damage your fishing reel.

Disk Drag is a large diameter drag disk made of the same material used in our Tiagra reels and is located under the arbor of the spool.

Twin Disk Drag uses 2 large diameter drag disks made of the same material used in our Tiagra reels for unbelievable amounts of smooth drag performance.

Forged AL Spool with Ti-Coated Zirconia Spool Lip The cold forged aluminum spool has a lip made of titanium-coated zirconia which is 10 times harder than stainless steel. Zirconia is an ideal material for use in hostile environments and with today’s braided superlines.

The last feature of the Shimano's S-Concept Reels is the Pure Carbon Drag Washer The drag washer is made of pure carbon. It provides reliable, durable and smooth drag performance at all settings. Septon®* this handle grip material is soft to the touch and does not get slippery when wet.


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