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Berkley Gulp - Super Baits

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Let’s face it Winter can’t last forever and before you know it you’ll have a fishing rod in your hand complaining about the how warm it is out there. Well hopefully at the end of your fishing line you’ll have a Berkley Gulp Super Bait to increase your odds of catching the big one! Berkley Gulp Super Baits are quickly changing how live and artificial baits are viewed.

It took Berkley twenty years of research and design to come up with the Berkley Gulp Super Baits. Then Berkley released Gulp Super Baits for Fish Biologists and behavior experts to test it even further. Only then was Berkley Gulp Super Baits released to the final round of testers some of the top professional fisherman and ordinary people just like you and I to find out what we thought of Berkley’s Gulp Super Baits. The verdict was on average Berkley Gulp Super Baits caught significantly more fish! Now that is what I want to hear when I head to the local fishing gear shop to purchase fishing lures and bait.

Why does Berkley Gulp catch more fish? Berkley Gulp appears more realistic to fish than other fishing lures, and release more than 400 times more scent than other plastic fishing lures. The scent of Berkley Gulp is even more powerful than regular live fishing bait meaning fish sense it’s presence from further away so you’re attracting fish that you wouldn’t have a chance at using regular fishing lures.

Berkley Gulp Super Baits are available in several fishing catching styles including Minnow Worm, Nightcrawler and my favorite sinking minnow. In addition there are a handful of natural looking extruded baits including, Maggots, Grubs and Night crawlers. These are fishing baits you can buy today and use a few weeks from now without having to run to your local live bait store every time you want to go fishing.

What makes Berkley Super Baits so different from other Baits out on the market?

Well according to John Prochnow, Berkley Chemical Engineer. All other plastic baits on the market are oil based which often masks the very scent fish detect as food. With Berkley Gulp Super baits they only use water-soluble natural ingredients. Scents that fish have proven to be attracted to are included from the very start of making Berkley Gulp Super Baits and not added into the mix half way through or sprayed on at the end like some fishing lure manufacturers.

Because Berkley Gulp is water soluble scent and flavors are released to the fish much sooner than regular fishing bait, in fact Berkley claims research has shown their Super Baits to release scent 412 faster than ordinary oil-based plastic baits. Naturally this generates a much larger area for catching fish.

Berkley Gulp Super Baits is biodegradable but don’t let that full you. These are very durable baits that will stand up to most anything you throw at them. Creating such a durable fish attracting bait takes a full 36 hours of processing and molding to create the fish catching abilities of such great bait.

Berkley Gulp Super Baits out fish live fishing baits! Try some for yourself. Available at most fishing gear retailers.


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