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Lowrance iFinder Hunt GPS – A True GPS For Hunting

Hunting Gear Review

At last someone has introduced a GPS for hunting. The Lowrance iFinder Hunt GPS features hunting graphics to mark specific spots such as treestands, game sign (scrapes, rubs and trails), and let’s not forget your truck or atv to get you out of the woods. The Lowrance iFinder GPS Hunt is just as rugged as the rest of your hunting gear and is also waterproof for those sloppy days. This GPS unit also includes a built-in electronic compass as well as a barometric altimeter.

Another nice feature this GPS for hunting has is a built in voice recorder for taking notes. This is a nice little bonus when you take your hunting or scouting serious enough to review every aspect of it when your day is over.

This is one piece of your hunting gear that won’t be taking up a lot of valuable space with a length of 5.5” a width of 2.5” and a height of 1.2”. It weighs in at 8.7 ounces and that’s with the two AA batteries included. Speaking of power the Lowrance iFinder GPS for hunting also comes with a cigarette lighter adapter for use in the car. This would be a great way to disguise the purchase from your wife. “ I know it’s in Realtree Hardwood honey, but I bought it for the car so we won’t be lost because I know how that irritates you”.

The Lowrance Ifinder GPS for hunting features the capacity to store 2,000 waypoints which are Locations, spots, or destination (latitude/longitude) that can be stored in memory to be recalled and used at a later time for navigation purposes. Simply think of it as an electronic address.

It can also hold 1,000 event markers which by definition are: Event Marker A graphic symbol that can be placed on the plotter display (and saved in memory) to represent some special event or area of interest to the GPS user. Also known as Icon. Another words you can mark the location of your treestands, scrapes, etc. all with the graphic icons specifically for hunting. Seeing all of the icons on screen might help you put together where that big buck is considering his prime area and where you should setup your treestand to give yourself the most chance at success.

I really like what I see in this GPS unit for hunting with the exception of one thing. In the specs of the unit it states “Operates up to 12 hours or longer on two AA batteries”. Now if you get into the woods at 5:30am in order to be well settled before first light and then hunt all day until dark you’re right around that 12 hour point. The last thing I want is to be hunting a new area and not be able to find my way out in the dark. If you read some of our Trail Camera Reviews you know the damage cold weather can do to the life of a battery and that might be cutting it a little close for my liking. I’m surprised Lowrance didn’t address this issue when designing a GPS for hunting. This isn’t a deciding issue for me, but did make me raise an eye brow. I would certainly make sure the batteries were fresh before taking the unit afield and also make sure to turn the unit off when I arrived at my treestand.

The Lowrance iFind GPS for hunting currently retails for $349.99 at Bass Pro

All in all it looks like Lowrance has a winner on their hands in their first GPS specifically for hunting. The ability to add graphical symbols such as tree stands and deer sign is a real nice plus and will probably be a big hit in with the high tech hunting gear crowd.


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