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Daiwa Fishing Lures

Fishing Lures

My first impression when I heard Daiwa was coming out with a line of fishing lures was kind of skeptical. There’s no doubt Daiwa knows fishing rods and fishing reels, but fishing lures are a completely different beast. Well the verdict is in and they do know fishing lures as well as their other fishing tackle lines. In fact they continue to release new models of their now popular line of fishing lures.

Daiwa Fishing Lures show some of the most vivid detail in the fishing lure industry. A close up look at one of their lures shows some amazing detail has gone into the manufacturing process. These are some of the most realistic lures I’ve ever seen. They’ve also proven to be quite durable for me with their finishes withstanding some hard fishing.

Here is a little closer look at a few Daiwa Fishing Lures and what Daiwa has to say about them.

Daiwa Fishing Lures TD Minnow

Daiwa's classic minnow offers all new colors in both the standard 3 3/4 inch and new 4 3/4 inch size.

This lure features Daiwa’s Long Cast System which automatically shifts the fishing lure's balance point to the rear to cast like a bullet. During retrieve, weight shifts forward for an optimum swimming. If you put a premium on casting distance this is the fishing lure for you.

Daiwa Fishing Lures TD Vibration

Especially deadly when worked during the sinking phase, TD Vibrations are designed to realistically imitate the flashing of pursued baitfish. Vibration pattern and rattle alerts predators long before they can actually see the fishing lure. The TD Vibration lure from Daiwa features something called a Stabilizer Spot which is a Cupped spot on lure's nose helps creates an extremely rapid, yet stable vibration pattern.

Daiwa Fishing Lures TD Crank

These highly detailed floating baits feature Daiwa's Tungsten-weighted GOS (Gravity Oscillation System) for greater casting, superior swimming performance, and a sharper dive angle. Built-in rattles provide fish attracting sound. The Gravity Oscillation System shifts Tungsten weight to the rear for bullet-like casts. Upon a medium retrieve, the balance point shifts forward into a position that optimizes oscillation (wobble). Crank hard and weight shifts to the eye area for an amazingly steep dive angle.

Daiwa Fishing Lures TD Popper-Zero

From the incredibly lifelike eyes to the 3-D scale detail, the look is so real you'd expect them to swim off on their own. The highly buoyant body responds instantly to the lightest twitch of the fishing rod, while built-in rattles audibly telegraph subtle movements.

Daiwa Fishing Lures TD Buzzmax

These "New Generation" buzz baits feature a special Super Splash prop design that splashes water both fore and aft for maximum surface disturbance. Even the head of this bait works, shaped as a lifting keel to bring the head and skirt instantly to the surface upon retrieve. Tapered strands ensure maximum skirt action.

Daiwa Fishing Lures TD Pencil

Weighted to float with its tail down at an angle, TD Pencil represents a weakened or wounded baitfish gasping at the surface. When jerked, the patented open-gill design forces air and water through the gill plates as well as splashing it forward. A subtle rattle sound helps attract additional attention.

The patented open gill design of the Daiwa TD Pencil fishing lure actually forces water and air bubbles through the gill plate creating added sound and realism unlike any other.

It is obvious Daiwa puts everything they have into their entire fishing tackle line and their fishing lures are no exception. The remarkable finishes on these lures are nothing short of amazing. Do yourself a favor and pick up at least one of these lures and give it a work out on your next fishing trip. I feel confident you’ll be just as impressed as we were.

To learn more about Daiwa’s line of fishing lures visit


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