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Shimano Levelwind System Kit for all models of the Curado D, Citica D and Cruxis Baitcasting Reel Series

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Shimano Fishing recently introduced a Levelwind System Kit for all models of the Curado D, Citica D and Cruxis baitcasting reel series. With the Curado D series, the kit is not needed on the 100 size fishing reels. The reason for Shimano introuducing the Levelwind System kit was for quality reasons to prevent a defect with some of their baitcast fishing reels.

This Levelwind System Kit consists of a new Line Guide and a new support system for the Upper Stabilizer bar. “The reason for this change,” said Jeremy Sweet, Fishing reel product manager at Shimano, “is that, under certain fishing conditions, the current Line Guide tolerance is too tight with the Stabilizer Bar which can cause the fishing reel to bind up and makes an audible clicking noise. No permanent damage is caused to the fishing reel with this binding. This occurs due to a tight tolerance between the Line Guide and Stabilizer Bar. If any contaminants, such as salt, sand, dirt or vegetation, accumulate on the Stabilizer Bar, the Line Guide will create too much friction on the Stabilizer Bar and bind.”

Sweet notes that this only occurs when fishing with an extremely slow retrieve rate, and will typically occur within the first 1- to 2-days of use. The problem is limited to extremely slow dragging of plastic baits across the bottom by turning the handle at a rate of one turn every 4- to 5- seconds which we all know is a very slow turn of the fishing reel handle, but needed at times.

“If you have not experienced the problem during the first few days of fishing with your Shimano Baitcast Fishing Reel then the corrective action from this new levelwind system is most likely not needed,” said Sweet. “Also, if your fishing consists of normal plastics lure techniques, crankbaits, jerkbaits and other similar lures, then the problem will most likely never occur. Lastly, if the waters in your region are clear, with no mud or salt, the issue will mostly likely never arise.”

It’s also important to note that the current Levelwind System will ‘break in,’ meaning that the tight tolerance that causes the problem in the specific situations noted will actually wear down to a point that the problem will stop occurring. However, Shimano strives for perfection and the Levelwind System Kit will result in that goal.

Whether you have experienced the issue or not, Shimano is offering to install this kit at no charge on any Curado D Fishing Reel (except 100 sizes), Citica D Fishing Reel, or Cruxis Fishing reel that is sent in to Shimano American Corporation, any of the Satellite Service Centers or any of Shimano’s Warranty Centers. Approximate turnaround times for the corrective action is two weeks after receiving the Fishing reel.

For instructions on how to ship the fishing reel in, the latest turnaround time, and the shipping address of the closest Shimano Center authorized to perform the corrective action, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at 1-877-577-0600 or visit our website at

It's great Shimano wants to address this issue now before it becomes a problem. In my eyes this only demonstrates further their commitment to providing you with the best fishing reels, best fishing rods and all around fishing tackle on the market today.


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