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Quantum Fishing Reels - IMS System

Fishing Reel Reviews

Quantum’s Performance Tuned(PT) Fishing Reels reels are stated to have the best gears and bearings of any reel on the market today. Part of the reason these are such great fishing reels is they receive the undivided attention of Quantum’s Engineers who also happen to be avid Anglers themselves. Because of this they are subject to constant tweaking making these fishing reels truly world class.

Taking these already great fishing reels once step further Quantum recently introduced their LMS or Line Management System. In a nutshell LMS consists of several design modifications in an effort to eliminate eliminating the hassles associated with traditional line roller and bail designs, which are the fishing line not seating properly or the line managing to find it’s way over the roller on the reel. Last, but not least we’ve all experienced our lines finding their way into cracks and crevices on our fishing reels. Quantum’s TMS Fishing Reels have been designed to avoid just such hassles.

Quantum accomplished this in the form of Quantum’s exclusive new Rocket Roller™ line roller and Pocket Rotor™ designs. The Rocket Roller features a stainless steel sleeve tapered for a seamless transition in moving line from the bail to the line roller. The design ensures the line is precisely directed onto the PT-bearing supported line roller each and every time. The perfect transfer reduces line twist and the perfect seating means a flawless retrieve.

The bail arms on the fishing reel open wider into a protected “pocket,” to consistently shed your fishing line during the cast and helping prevent it from wrapping around the bail arm. The Pocket Rotor of this fishing reel complements the Rocket Roller to ensure the line is perfectly seated in the line roller of the fishing reel every time.

The changes to the designs of this fishing reel are visual in form and function. The patent-pending Rocket Roller and Pocket Rotor on this the Quantum Performance Tuned Fishing Reels feature protective finishes, curved edging and tighter tolerances.

The LMS system on the Quantum also adds to the fishing performance of the legendary TiMAG III guaranteed-for-life bail system. TiMAG III features a magnetic trip system instead of springs so it never wears out. The bail is made from super-elastic nickel titanium that doesn’t get bent out of shape.

TiMAG III also adds a more focused magnetic flux, providing improved trip reliability, a quicker trip point, and a 30-degree greater bail opening for decreased line slap during casts. Less line slap means greater casting distance which can mean all the difference in a day of fishing.

Quantum’s original PT Fishing Reels concept was to build the perfect spinning and baitcast fishing reels.

Without a doubt, they are some of the finest fishing reels on the market. But our engineers don’t seem to believe in perfection. They continue to tinker, tweak and modify. Their constant tweaking of a great fishing reel has made this fishing reel into one of the best on the market today.

The new LMS is the latest proof. But you be the judge. Fish a Quantum PT spinning reel today and give us your feedback.

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