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Leica Adds Two New Models To The GEOVID Line of Range Finding Binoculars

Binocular Reviews Leica

Range estimation was at best an educated guess for hunters and shooters until Leica Sport Optics introduced the first laser range finding binoculars in 1992. The original GEOVID 7x42 BDA provided a top quality optic with a revolutionary laser device built in that would give the user an exact distance to their target. The first Geovid was big and heavy, but it definitely established a new product category that continues to thrive in today’s hunting and shooting market.

Leica has continued to improve and introduce new products in the GEOVID line in what could be called an evolution of range finding binocular products. In 2004, Leica introduced the next generation of Geovid range finding binoculars with two models, the Geovid 10x42 BRF and the GEOVID 8x42 BRF. The new Geovids combined Leica’s legendary optical quality in a high performance binocular with a precise rangefinder built right in the unit. Now hunters can have both ultimate range finding capabilities and world class optical performance in one compact unit.

This year, Leica is adding two new models to the Geovid line, a GEOVID 8X56 BRF-Y and GEOVID 15X56 BRF-Y. Like the other Geovid models, these two new models are both true, full-function roof prism binoculars using the famous glass and prism construction found in other Leica optical products. Each GEOVID BRF features a center focus knob with a center hinge. They are waterproof to 16.4 feet and fog proof. The 8x56 model weighs just 40.6 ounces with a battery and the 15x56 weighs 45.9 ounces.

Like other Leica rangefinders, the new GEOVIDS have a fast reading, small beam divergence laser rangefinder built into the unit. This gives the user quick accurate readings on a variety of targets from 10 to over 1300 yards. The high visibility of the LED display automatically adjusts its intensity according to light conditions. When combined with a focus ring for the LED, reading range numbers is easy in everything from low light to bright sunshine. Both units use a CR2 style battery.

Both of the new Geovid models use a robust housing made of aircraft grade aluminum and are coated with soft-touch rubber armor. The armor coating and a perfect ergonomic design make the Geovids easy to use, even when wearing gloves.

Like other Leica binoculars, these new GEOVIDs are perfectly balanced for fatigue-free viewing. The GEOVID BRF comes with adjustable eyecups that ensure perfect eye relief even for those who wear glasses. The outer lens surfaces are coated with Leica HDC® coating which provides protection against the elements and the rigors of the hunt.

The new Geovid 8x56 BRF-Y will be the perfect choice for the user who is looking for maximum performance in low light hunting situations. They will work equally well for deer hunting in the east as well as elk hunters in the black timber of the west.

The new GEOVID 15x56 BRF-Y will be the perfect choice for hunters wanting more magnification in places like the open country of the west for mule deer, elk, and antelope. They will also be good for the whitetail hunter in the east who wants to be able to judge the size of a buck even if it is several hundred yards across a bean field.

Headquartered in Germany, Leica has been an acknowledged leader in the optics industry for over 150 years. Throughout that time, the company has built a solid reputation for producing high quality, durable products due to their commitment to optical perfection and mechanical precision. Visit the new Leica site on the web at

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