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Tree Stands - Reviews and Ratings

Tree Stand Reviews

Hunting & Fishing Gear Review has tree stand reviews from all of the major tree stand manufacturers. Visit our tree stands review section to see all of the tree stands reviews we've received over the last year making your job of picking out the good from the bad stands that much easier. Once you click on one of the tree stands reviews links below you'll see the tree stands we've received reviews on and the ratings they've received from our Reviewers to make the decision for yourself on what stands would work for you.

Our reviews of stands include climbing stands, ladder stands, and fixed positions stands and all of them include one to five star ratings. By far the most popular type of stands we receive reviews for are climbing tree stands.

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Tree Stands - Summit Tree Stands

As a brief summary Summit Stands is the reining king at Hunting & Fishing Gear Review. Most if not all of their stands receive excellent and very good ratings. The only stands from Summit Stands that reviewers were less than satisfied with were a couple of their light weight and or compact models which are the Summit Clear Shot Stands and the Bullet Backpacker Stands. My experience with these two stands is they may not be as comfortable in the tree as some of the other stands; however it needs to be understood in order to get a smaller or lightweight stands sacrifices need to take place. They may not be as comfortable as some of the larger stands attached to the tree, however it's been my experience they suit their purpose well.

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Almost all of the Summit Viper X4 Stands and the Summit Razor X5 stands receive very good to excellent ratings on the reviews of stands we've received. These stands will climb a tree with ease and give you a solid feeling once you're settled in your tree. Summit Stands has their act together and the tree stand ratings reflect it.

Second place would probably go to API Stands although we don't receive as many reviews of API Stands, but they do have a following and it appears they make great quality stands that are easy to use. In particular The API Grand has some excellent reviews as well as the API Baby Grand Slam stands. Also keep an eye on Gorilla stands; we don't have a lot of reviews of Gorilla Stands yet, however I see them becoming more and more popular as each hunting season passes.

Stands I would stay away from for the moment are Hunters View Stands and the Tree Lounge Stands. It seems some of our Readers were less than satisfied with their stands. One hunter stated the following about his Tree Lounge stand: "Very heavy and clumsy to set up, hard and noisy to climb with, very unsafe to descend with. Threw mine away so no one would get hurt with it."

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Take a moment to read over our reviews area and judge for yourself what stands you think would work for you and what ones to avoid. Remember to make safety your first decision when using any type of stands or gear for hunting.

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