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Fishing Lure- Mepps Marabou # 3 For Bass and Walleye

Fishing Lures

The Mepps Maraobu #3 fishing lure is new for 2006. This fishing lure is perfectly sized at one-forth ounce for bass and walleye fishing. The Mepps Maraobu fishing lure is another lure offering from Mepps. The Mepp's company is known for providing a variety of different lure for different types of fishing including the soft plastic Mister Twister line of Lure. Mepps is a French acronym for Manufacturier D'Engins De Precision Pour Peches Sportives. In English... Precision Equipment for Sport Fishing. This is an American company whose headquarter is in Antigo, Wisconsin.

The latest in their line of fishing lure is the Maraobu Classic. This lure is designed to bring the spinner of the lure closer to the surface during the retrieve. The blade on this lure is the Colorado. The design of this lure is perfect for fishing over weeds. This is the lure you want to use fishing when you want the blade of the lure to just break the surface as it spins.

Mepps Fishing says not only will largemouth take this lure, but also smallmouth, large trout and walleye will take this lure. To compare the Mepps Marabou to another lure it is comparable in size to the Mepps #3 Aglia lure, but has the magic action of a top quality, brightly colored Marabou tail for high visibility and life like action when fishing the lure in water. Mepps also states " don't be surprised if you catch a trophy Northern Pike or Musky while fishing with this lure.

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Don't look now, but the Mepps Marabou # 3 Fishing Lure also has a big brother the #5 Mepps Marabou Lure. The #5 lure was designed for fishing in water easily missed for most Musky fisherman since this fishing lure was designed for fishing in weeds.

What Makes This Fishing Lure Special

If there was one thing you could point out that lifts this lure above others on the market it's the tail. The tail of this lure is Marabou which in the water has distinctively different characteristics than a lure with buck tail. In addition vibrant colors on the lure are easier to achieve when dying Marabou. The biggest difference is the action and pulsation of a lure with marabou. Upon presentation of the lure you get an unruly puff of the feathers under water. Mepps describes this lure as "Magic" under water. The Marabou on the lure is so fine and soft that as the blade of the lure revolves it makes the Marabou pulsate and appear to be alive. Now that's what we are all looking for in a fishing lure.



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