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Advances in Expandable Broadheads

Bow Hunting Gear - Broadheads

If you've discounted expandable broadheads when they first came out then it's time you take another look at these broadheads. Expandable broadheads have advanced well beyond their initial offerings and what once was a mediocre crop of broadheads now have some excellent qualities. These broadheads are absolutely lethal with a good hit on big game and deserve another look.

Expandable Broadheads - Advantages

The idea behind expandable broadheads is expandable broadheads make an enormous entrance wound upon impact. Some broadheads provide over two inches of entrance wound which means these broadheads will quickly bring down most animals hunted in North America. A big advantage of this type of broadheads is they shoot from your hunting bow very similar to your target field points. This eliminates the need to practice with your hunting broadheads just to get used to how the broadheads fly. In addition you want your hunting broadheads razor sharp and with every practice shot taken with your good broadheads you're taking that much more edge off the broadheads.

Expandable Broadheads - Disadvantages

Yes expandable broadheads have disadvantages as well. One of these disadvantages of these broadheas is because a great amount of energy is exerted expanding the broadheads they may not fully penetrate larger animals with tougher hides such as moose. Another disadvantage of these broadheads is an angling shot may result in these broadheads not opening all the way. Many bow hunters prefer a broadside shot with any broadheads they use.

Advances in Expandable Broadheads

Companies producing expandable broadheads are quickly addressing their shortcomings of their broadheads such as adding cut on contact blades to the broadheads which still make a lethal wound even if for some reason the broadheads fail to expand. In addition other companies are producing their expandable broadheads with powerful springs rather than bands to expand the broadheads faster and harder into game. With technology advances in expandable broadheads you should consider giving these broadheads a second look. They’re not the expandable broadheads of years ago and many consider them the best broadheads on the market.

See Broadhead Reviews For Your Bow.

Note: Pictured is the Grim Reaper Razor Tip line of Broadheads.


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