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How to Become A Better shot

Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Staff

Becoming a better shot takes time and practice. Some people appear to be born to great shooters, but the truth is theyíve probably spent countless hours on the bench to hone their God given ability. If youíve always wanted to improve your shooting or just want to review the basics then hereís a quick primer on shooting.

How To Shoot Better

Practice, practice, practice. Regardless how boring repeatedly shooting paper targets can be this is where great shooters are made.

Just prior to squeezing the trigger hold your breath. This will considerably reduce the movement of the gun. Some hunters suggest taking a full breath and slowly letting it out. Whatever works best for you is the one we suggest.

Speaking of squeezing the trigger, always squeeze the trigger and never pull the trigger. Pulling the trigger will move the gun off you aim point. Slowly squeezing the trigger combined with a steady hold will send your bullet headed toward your aim point.

Embrace the recoil of your gun. Donít allow a heavy recoiling gun to make you flinch. Realize the recoil will happen and accept it. To my knowledge no one has ever died from the recoil of a gun.

Find a rest, whether it is a tree, a mound of dirt or anything in between using a rest will greatly increase your accuracy. If you hunt from a tree stand consider building a rest on the tree to allow you to take standing shots while still having the benefit of a rest.

Donít let other shooters at the range or camp shooting bench intimidate you. Try making every shot you take better than the last and with some practice youíll be the best shot at camp or on the range.

Get to know every piece of the fine tool that is your gun. Maintain it properly and clean it regularly. Practice your hold with the gun as you quickly learn to acquire targets.

Repeat the old saying aim small, miss small. This means when you take aim on your target find the area you want to hit and then redefine the area into a smaller portion of said area. Instead of shooting for the kill zone on that whitetail aim for a specific patch of hair on the animal and chances are your bullet will land well within the kill zone. Remember aim small, miss small.

Becoming a better shot is easy to do and just takes a little work. With some practice you can be placing them consistently in the bulls eye.

Note: Always remember to follow all safety rules when shooting and verify your target before ever raising your gun.


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