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Orvis Superfine Rods Revamped for 2004

Press Release

Orvis Superfine fly rods are getting a face-lift for 2004. Rather than only focusing on the latest technology this year, Orvis is revamping its Superfine line of classic-action fly rods, adding strength, a nicer aesthetic, and one new model.

The direction fly-rod manufacturing has taken in the last few years is toward faster-action, higher-modulus graphite fly rods. However, the reality is that there is still a place for traditional-action rods with delicate presentation and light tippet-protection flex. These classic rods survive because anglers still like the feeling of fishing with them.

In the words of Tom Rosenbauer, Director of Orvis Rod & Tackle Marketing, “Superfine rods, with their Full-Flex action, slow down and smooth the whole process. You don’t have to think as much about your casting. The sensation of casting a Full-Flex rod like our Superfine rods is more like paddling a canoe on smooth water than driving a speedboat.

“In my travels, talking with guides and serious technical fly-fishers throughout the country, I'm always struck by their choice of our Superfine models for their most demanding fishing. These are people who are not influenced by trends or fads, but by a desire to own the best tool for the job at hand.”

The new Orvis Superfines are a matured version of their predecessors. The new glossy burgundy/brown sanded finish, slimmer ferrules, lighter weight reel seats, and an improved resin system to increase strength allow the company to present a classically beautiful fly rod offering the same wonderful action they have always demonstrated.

Brand new to the line is the Trout Bum, a 7'4", 2.1-oz., Full Flex 5.5, four-piece rod for 4-weight line. The introduction of the Trout Bum makes a total of 12 models to choose from in the updated Superfine series.

The new Superfine line will be available in November 2003. Pricing information available by request. To order, call 1-800-333-1550 ext. 172, or visit


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