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Leupold’s Next Riflescope Generation: The New VX®-III

Leupold Press Release

BEAVERTON, Ore. – Leupold’s® next generation of Golden Ring® riflescopes, the new VX®-III, offers new lens coatings and innovative reticle options, as well as new finger adjustments, a fast-focus eyepiece and side focus features to help hunters and shooters see and shoot better in the field or at the range. The VX-III replaces and improves on Leupold’s popular Vari-X III line.

One of the key improvements is Leupold’s new Index Matched Lens System™, which is designed to give the VX-III unparalleled optical performance. This lens coating system optimizes light management and maximizes light transmission to the eye, providing an exceptionally bright and crisp sight picture with sharp contrast, even in low-light conditions. In some VX-III scopes, total light transmission can reach as high as 98 percent. Available only in select VX-III models, Leupold’s new Ballistic Aiming System™, including the Boone and Crockett™ Big Game reticle and Varmint Hunter’s reticle, provides multiple range aiming points and can be easily adjusted to work with a particular cartridge by changing the magnification for more precise shooting capability.

“Even experienced hunters and shooters are looking for new equipment that can make a big difference in their shooting,” said Mike Slack, Leupold’s marketing communications manager. “This is why we are very excited to introduce the VX-III to replace the Vari-X III, which is widely considered to be one of the most versatile, high-performing series of riflescopes ever made. Of course, the new VX-III offers all the ruggedness and absolute waterproof integrity that are the hallmark of Leupold Golden Ring® scopes while going above and beyond its predecessors in performance and features.” VX-III models are available in the following magnification levels: 1.5-5x20mm, 1.75-6x32mm, 2.5-8x36mm, 3.5-10x40mm, 3.5-10x50mm, 4.5-14x40mm, 4.5-14x50mm, 6.5-20x40mm, 6.5-20x50mm and 8.5-25x50mm. The 4.5-14x40mm Long Range and 4.5-14x50mm Long Range models offer both the Boone and Crockett Club Big Game and Varmint Hunter’s reticles as options. The Varmint Hunter’s reticle is also an option on the 6.5-20x40mm Long Range, 6.5-20x50mm Long Range Target and 8.5-25x50mm Long Range Target models. The Boone and Crockett Big Game reticle is also an option on the 2.5-8x36mm, 3.5-10x40mm, 3.5-10x50mm, 4.5-14x40mm and 4.5-14x50mm models. Other reticle options, depending on model, include the Duplex®, Wide Duplex, Fine Duplex, Heavy Duplex, German #4, Leupold Dot and Target Dot. -more- Leupold’s Next Riflescope Generation: The New VX-III

The VX-III line also includes Illuminated Reticle models designed to allow fast, accurate target acquisition and shot placement in extreme low-light conditions. With 11 intensity settings, a wide range of adjustments can be made to match the light. Even the brightest setting will not overpower the target or affect low-light vision. The reticle reverts to black when switched off in bright light. Reticle styles offered include the Illuminated Duplex, Illuminated German #4 Dot and Illuminated Circle Dot.

All non-target VX-III models offer new finger-adjustable, ¼-MOA “click” windage and elevation adjustment dials with resettable pointer dials marking the zero point. Other key features: • Lockable, fast-focus eyepiece on all models. • Side focus parallax resolution dial on all models of 4.5-14 power and higher (except the EFR and fixed-objective models) for easy adjustment from all shooting positions.

All side focus models have a 30mm maintube for increased range of windage and elevation adjustments. • Scope finish options include gloss black, matte black and silver, depending on model.

Waterproof – each scope is filled with nitrogen and sealed with Leupold’s proven process to keep out moisture. As with all Leupold Golden Ring scopes, the VX-III models are made in the U.S.A. and backed by Leupold’s Full Lifetime Guarantee. Electronic components are covered under the Leupold Electronics Warranty.

For more information, contact a local Leupold dealer or Leupold & Stevens, Inc., P.O. Box 688, Beaverton, OR 97075-0688; (503) 526-1400 – phone; (503) 526-1475 – fax. Or, go to To locate a Leupold dealer, call (800) 929-4949. A family-owned company based in Beaverton, Ore., Leupold & Stevens, Inc. has manufactured precision optical products in the U.S.A. for nearly a century.

The Leupold line includes rifle, handgun and spotting scopes; binoculars; mounting systems; and optical tools and accessories. Leupold products are sold worldwide to hunters, wildlife observers, competitive shooters, law enforcement officers and special operations military personnel.

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