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Sentry Solutions makes some very slick products for your Hunting Gear and Fishing Gear

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Today’s technology allows you to protect your firearms, knives,outdoor equipment,hunting gear and fishing gear better than ever before. It’s pretty slick! Squeeze a small drop from a ˝ oz bottle of Tuf-Glide and it penetrates into the action of your hunting gear,or fishing gear and chemically bonds to the metal, lubricating it with a micro-bonded, oil-free shield.

Amazingly, it’s not wet or sticky like oil-based products. This dry lubrication also protects fishing gear from the harshest saltwater conditions, and protects the working edge of your best knife. In fact, line up all your hunting gear and give them the treatment. They perform better longer. Old fishing gear is restored like to “like new”; new hunting gear is better than factory condition.

Why is dry lubrication better than oil? It doesn’t attract or hold dirt or grit. It bonds with metal surfaces to protect and smooth them. It doesn’t easily wipe off. It doesn’t thicken or get gummy at low temperatures or get thin at high temperatures. It performs at 100% in any environmental condition you’ll encounter. It completely protects against hunting gear, or fishing gear rusting and corrosion. It doesn’t affect or harm finishes, plastic or nylon surfaces. It’s easy to apply.

Dry film technology isn’t new. However, Sentry Solutions has taken it to new levels. Sentry Solutions’ products use graphite, molybdenum disulphide and proprietary lubricants. The unique feature is their ability to smooth and protect fishing gear surfaces at the microscopic level. The main advantage is that molecular bonding smoothes surfaces and prevents our hunting gear from becoming “dust magnets” like oil products do.

Dry lubricants are similar to non-stick cookware. Metal-to-metal surfaces glide over each other. After treatment, hunting gear actions slide more freely, and dirt and grit aren’t attracted to fishing gear. Any fouling, residue or dirt accumulated through use are shed or easily removed without solvents.

Does this mean you can throw out your old oilcan products? Yes, and you should. Sentry Solutions’ lubricants protect your equipment better than oil.

Law enforcement and military agencies prove the effectiveness of Sentry Solutions’ products. The NY Police Department, the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy SEALS, the Marines, Air Force, Navy, and FBI use Sentry Solutions’ products to maintain guns and military equipment in inhospitable environments - including Afghanistan and Iraq. These conditions are as bad or worse than any fishing gear or hunting gear condition you’ll encounter.

Sentry Solutions makes a complete toolbox of products for every need. Sentry’s Tuf products provide rust protection and lubrication for firearms, knives, tools, fishing gear and hunting gear. Sentry Solutions’ specialty products provide lubrication, bore treatment, trigger tuning and grease to keep hunting gear in top shape.

A popular product is Tuf-Cloth, which is different from old-fashioned oil and silicone cloths. It applies a dry shield to keep hunting gear and other equipment rust free and clean. This lint-free cloth wipes away grit, dirt, light corrosion, and wipes on a protective, almost invisible dry barrier on the surface of your equipment. Tuf-Cloth comes in regular and marine versions. The marine version protects against the harshest of corrosive saltwater environments and gives a heavier protective coating to your fishing gear.

Another product is Tuf-Glide, the liquid companion of Tuf-Cloth. As a liquid, however, it gets into hard-to-reach places of your hunting gear, or fishing gear. A mineral spirit component cleans the surface and allows the lubricant to penetrate into crevices and cracks, both those you see and microscopic ones, where this deep penetration gives added protection. This keeps firearm actions, along with fishing gear, free from grit and working smoothly.

Today, most of us are active outdoors year-round in all weather conditions. Sentry Solutions has developed the technology to keep our hunting gear and fishing gear in top shape. You can buy Sentry Solutions’ products at many specialty outdoor stores and gun shops, or buy online at

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