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Fly Fishing - Press Release

Fly Fishing- Our new fast-action Boron llx fly rods are unlike anything you've ever fished. Featuring the next generation of high-modulus boron/graphite composite, they're powerful, responsive, very accurate and have the widest casting range of any rods we offer.

You can delicately present flies at 25 feet or make extremely long casts of 100 feet. Up to now, this has been unheard of in fast-action fly fishing rods. They're also close to a full ounce lighter than any other comparable weight models on the market. All unnecessary weight has been eliminated from the ferrules, the rods have titanium guides and the option of our new graphite or nickel silver reel seat.

Remarks from SSTI Drukman, Rod Designer:
Design: Boron II x rods are among the lightest in the industry. Boron II material is part of the reason, but so is cutting edge design. They are built on highly complex, computer-designed compound tapers. This helps us eliminate unnecessary weight by optimizing wall thickness over the whole fly fishing rod.
Also, each ferrule joint has been computer-analyzed to eliminate unnecessary mass and bulk and to provide exceptionally smooth power transfer of the fly fishing rod. This feeds back synergistically into the overall design, allowing for still greater lightness.

Performance: The Boron llx series is unmatched in overall casting performance. A common flaw in many popular fast action fly fishing rods is lack of casting range. Often, close-in performance is marginal-to-poor. Such rods can also be clumsy at long distance (over 75') because of an overly-stiff butt that is difficult to fully load. By contrast, each Boron llx model is engineered to load pleasantly and predictably, easily covering its expected range. Of the Boron llx 9'-8 JWF, Joan Wulff said, "this is the only 8-weight I've ever fished that didn't leave me tired at the end of the day." Even the 12-weight is a fun all-day stick. Starting at $595, these 4-piece fly rods redefine the fast-action category. Cast a Boron llx today.

Material: Our latest generation Boron II material builds on the already impressive strengths of our first generation boron/graphite. Although no less tough, this new hybrid significantly increases modulus and tensile strength. This allows us to build fly fishing rods that are lighter and more responsive, while maintaining the outstanding fighting power for which our other boron series are widely noted.

Boron is used solely in the butt sections. We have experimented with using boron over the fiill length of the rod, but have found that this produces more power than needed, detracting from the desired smooth flow of energy. Other than the butt, various carbon fibers are used, depending on model-specific fly fishing performance needs.

Components: All snake guides are made of a super strong, corrosion-proof, lightweight nickel-titanium alloy. The grips have been downsized to provide the fly fishing angler better feel and control compared to a larger grip (try it, you'll see!). The matching green composite anodized aluminum reelseat is lightweight, functional and beautiful. On trout models, nickel silver/wood is available, but the weight penalty is significant. The composite seat balances the fly rod better.

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